The Amish Experience in Lancaster, PA and What You Need to Know

The Amish Experience in Lancaster, PA, is located in the heart of Amish Country, encircled by Amish farms. For over 50 years, the Amish Experience in Lancaster, PA has provided some of the best understanding of Amish history and culture, … Continue reading

3 Reasons You Need to Visit Historic Rock Ford Plantation

The Historic Rock Ford Plantation in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, is a must-see attraction for the history lover. This plantation is the preserved 18th century home of Edward Hand, who was Adjutant General to George Washington during the American Revolution. Currently, the … Continue reading

The Amish Farm and House Has History You Need to See

The Amish Farm and House is a historical gem in Lancaster County. This attraction in the heart of Amish Country opened nearly 60 years ago and has accommodated generations of visitors. At this museum, you will receive an educational tour … Continue reading

8 of the Most Interesting Facts About the Ephrata Cloister

The Ephrata Cloister is a quiet retreat in the Lancaster countryside. This historic attraction not only has a rich, long history but also features some beautiful grounds that are ideal for holding weddings and other important events. Set back from … Continue reading

7 of the Best Reasons to Make a Trip to Lititz Springs Park

Lititz Springs Park was maintained for over 200 years by the Lititz Moravian Church until the park grounds upkeep was shared with the community in 1956. The park has become an epicenter for local arts shows, craft displays, music festivals, … Continue reading

Escape to the Fun at Dutch Wonderland in Lancaster, PA

Pennsylvania isn’t all Amish farmland and quaint countryside. One of the main local attractions near the Historic Smithton Inn is Dutch Wonderland Lancaster, PA, with 48 acres full of fun waiting to be had. Dutch Wonderland Lancaster, PA, hosts 48 … Continue reading

Attractions You Need to See from Lancaster, PA to Ephrata, PA

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8 Reasons You Need to See the Green Dragon Farmer’s Market

Known for being one of the most popular shopping experiences in Ephrata, the Green Dragon Farmer’s Market features over 400 local merchants, growers, craftsmen, and vendors each week. From fresh produce to handmade items and art, the market has an … Continue reading