Looking for Day Trips in PA for Couples? Lancaster County is the Best Destination!

Whether you’re just looking for cool places to visit in PA or romantic weekend getaways in PA, Lancaster County is a great destination! Featuring rolling countryside, unique boutiques, roadside shops, and a rich Amish culture and history, this beautiful region makes a great vacation location. Lancaster County features some lovely restaurants, tours, and experiences ideal for day trips in PA for couples especially. If you’re planning an upcoming romantic getaway, consider Lancaster and the Historic Smithton Inn in Ephrata.

Our historic boutique hotel in the heart of Lancaster Country is the perfect romantic retreat! Consider extending your stay with the Historic Smithton Inn. Turn those day trips in PA for couples into a weekend adventure that you will not soon forget!

What You Have to Look Forward To During Your Lancaster Getaway

Looking for fun day trips for couples? A road trip to Lancaster County might just be the perfect idea! Exploring a new region together can incite some new butterflies, and spending the weekend or week adventuring through our gorgeous region in PA is sure to bring you closer together! Create some magical memories together as you enjoy wine tastings, visit local farmers’ markets, twist your own old-fashioned pretzels, and more!

So, What are the Most Romantic Things to Do in Lancaster, PA?

A beautiful oasis in the heart of Amish Country, Lancaster features a variety of relaxing, exciting, and romantic activities to enjoy together. Here are some of our favorite romantic things to do in Lancaster during your day trips in PA for couples.

Browse Masterpieces at the Lancaster Museum of Art

Discover the flourishing art scene of Lancaster County among its other charming nuances and cultural attractions! One of the most prominent destinations for regional, national, and international fine art is the Lancaster Museum of Art. This popular local museum features a variety of exhibitions located within a four-story mansion. The breathtaking facade mirrors the inspirational and thought-provoking creations within its walls. Come visit the Lancaster Museum of Art for yourself and discover another piece of Lancaster history and culture!

Discover History and Culture at Amish Farm and House

One great option during your day trips in PA for couples is to attend a tour at the Amish Farm and House. It will be a great opportunity to learn more about a new culture together. The historical farmhouse dates back to 1805 and when you tour, you will discover how each room functioned in the past. You can also embark on a countryside bus tour to cover more ground, hear local stories, and see covered bridges, buggies, barns, Amish schoolhouses, and more. Another wonderful option is the dinner tour, which will give you a taste of homemade Pennsylvania Dutch cooking. Yum!

Wine and Dine

Nothing says romance quite like a bottle of wine and mood lighting in a luxurious restaurant. A different take on this is a glass of wine and a beautiful outdoor view of the countryside. One of the most romantic things to do in Lancaster, PA, is to take a tour of the Thorn Hill Vineyards. The vineyard also offers a tasting room, with live music on Fridays and a lite bite menu. If beer is more your area of interest, Lancaster Brewing Company might be a good fit. With less of an intimate atmosphere but more of a social setting, the brewing company offers on-tap favorites and craft beer specialties. A great follow up to any beverage tasting or dinner is a dessert at Cafe Chocolate of Lititz. Chocolates and truffles are available in vegan, sugar-free, and gluten-free options as well. Whatever your choice, kindle the flame by feeding your significant other some delicious dessert treats.

Indulge in a Romantic Retreat at the Historic Smithton Inn

The Historic Smithton Inn is the perfect place to extend your stay after day trips in PA for couples. Our charming bed and breakfast in Ephrata, PA, offers a peaceful retreat that will soothe and rejuvenate. Escape the hustle and bustle that gets in the way of bonding with your special someone with some much-needed alone time. Stay at our quaint inn and enjoy some low-key quality time that will be sure to rekindle the flame. You will love our romantic add-ons, such as an in-room massage, fresh flowers, a cheese platter, and other custom packages. Make your romantic getaway one that you will remember fondly for years to come!

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