Best Amish Shops in Lancaster PA

April 1, 2021

Are you looking for the best Amish Shops in Lancaster PA?  You should be!  It’s an authentic way to explore our Amish countryside, meet and interact with our Amish neighbors,  and support Amish family owned businesses.  There’s a wide array of Amish stores and small businesses located throughout the Lancaster County.  In this list you’ll find Amish country stores who make and sell food, gifts, candles, toys, quilts, furniture, and more. Plus there are a few “General Stores” that are either Amish-owned, or are places where Amish families shop to meet their own household needs.

Here are our picks for the Best Amish Shops in Lancaster PA

Best Amish Shops by Category:

  • Food
  • Souvenirs & Gifts
  • Furniture
  • General Store


Amish Food:

In Lancaster County it’s all about the food!  This is the bread basket of America, where so many staples are grown & made.  The Amish are well known for growing foods and foods that they often sell at roadside stands.  Here are our favorite Amish Country Store food makers:


Glick’s Jam | 1075 W. Main Street, New Holland (no website)

Amish JamLocated on Main Street in New Holland, Glick’s Jam is a small, family-owned maker of jams and other Amish canned goods like Chow Chow and pickles.  Pull in the driveway and the shop is straight ahead.  Shop for jams and canned goods in the same room where they were made!


Emma’s Popcorn | 4038 Old Philadelphia Pike, Gordonville (

Amish Popcorn ShopThis successful enterprise has a brand new HUGE location right along Rt 340 in Gordonville. They produce the most amazing array of bagged popcorn & popcorn bars.  Their popcorn selection is as beautiful & colorful as it is delicious!  The popcorn selections are either sweet or savory flavors.  Emma's imaginative approach to everyone’s favorite snack makes this shop a must-visit! You can also find Emma's Popcorn at many local farm markets, grocery store and gift shops.

NOTE:  This new location also includes a satellite location for Lapp Valley Farm Ice Cream.

Misty Creek Goat Dairy | 43 W Eby Rd, Leola (

Goats at Misty Creek Goat CheeseEmeril knew what he was doing when he chose Misty Creek cheese as one of the core ingredients for one of his restaurant’s recipes. Meet & pet the goats in addition to tasting the wonderful goat cheeses.  The tiny shop is even located behind an Amish school house!  You will often meet the owner, but if no one's around they have an honor system for buying cheese and goat milk in the shop.

Sunnyside Pastries | 421 Weaverland Valley Rd, East Earl (

If you’re looking for genuine Amish-made baked goods, Sunnyside is a must-do! This business has been thriving in Lancaster County for generations.  It’s so popular that there are three locations where you can find them:  Their main shop in East Earl, three stands at the Green Dragon Market in Ephrata and two stands at the Leesport Farmers Market in Leesport.  Sunnyside is famous for their Long Johns, Whoopie Pies and Fritters.  They also have lots more to choose from including Donuts, Pies, Cookies and Apple Dumplings.

Amish Souvenirs & Gifts:

If you’re looking for gifts to bring home for yourself, family or friends, this collection of Amish Country Stores will appeal to you.  They offer everything from heirloom quilts & toys, to adorable toys & hand-crafted mementos of your Lancaster PA vacation:


Riehl's Quilts & Crafts | 247 E Eby Rd, Leola (

Amish Farm Riehl's is definitely a favorite Amish Quilt Shop for locals and visitors alike! The setting is gorgeous.  The shop is located on an Amish farm in Leola.  While mainly known for selling Amish Quilts, Riehl's also sells other gifts and crafts that are ALL produced right here in Pennsylvania. (The only exception is the clocks).  PRO TIP:  Visit early in the day so you’re there before the tour buses start running.

Lil’ Country Store & Miniature Horse Farm | 264 Paradise Ln, Ronks (

Amish farm and shop Talk about having it all! As the name suggests, this Amish-owned business is more than just a shop where you can buy quality crafts, gifts and food (including homemade root beer).  They also have a miniature horse farm and petting zoo on site.  It's a treat to interact with horses, goats, alpacas and chickens.  Or sign up for a horse workshop where the owner, Henry Stoltzfus (or another family member) will guide you as you groom, take a saddle ride (under 70 lbs), cart ride (kids) and feed the horses.


Lapp Toys | 2220 Horseshoe Rd, Lancaster (

Best Amish Shops in Lancaster PA, Historic Smithton InnIf your looking for hand-crafted toys for children then this is the place for you. Forget the molded plastic kitchen sets or “Made in China” doll beds and dresses.  At Lapp Toys you can buy quality hand-crafted Amish toys like kitchen sets, doll furniture, doll houses, puzzles, rocking horses and walking ducks.  At Lapp Toys you’ll find toys you’ll keep and hand down for generations to come!

Forest Hill Leather Craft | 225 Forest Hill Road | (website)

leather shop displays For handmade, high-quality leather-goods including belts, wallets, purses, brief cases, duffels and so much more, you should visit the Stoltzfus' family homestead to shop at Forest Hill Leather Craft.  In addition to a retail shop, the family has an online catalog where you can purchase items and have them shipped to you.  If you don't see what you're looking for in the shop or catalog, the may even be able to custom-make your item!

Countryside Roadstand | 2966 Stumptown Rd, Ronks (website)

Amish food This Amish-owed shop is so much more than just an Amish Gift Shop!  In addition to a large selection of Amish gifts, they also have foods like canned goods, baked goods and jams available to purchase.  They have a number of animals walking the grounds including ducks, goats, chickens and an Alpaca.  And finally, what REALLY stands out here is their Amish pretzels!  I'm telling you, do NOT leave this place without trying one (or three!)... the buttery goodness is so worth it!

Stoltzfus Carpet Shop – Stoltzfus Carpet Shop | 39B Pequea Valley Rd, Kinzers (no website)

Amish Broom Maker Even though their sign leads with "Stoltzfus Carpet Shop", under that they go on to include "Homemade Brooms, Woven Rugs and Placemats".  It's actually the broom shop that dominates the building.  Check out brooms being made and ask the workers to explain their heavy-duty brook making process.  In the small shop they have shelves to display a wide array hand-crafted place mats, napkins and area rugs.  If you don't see exactly the size, color or shape you're looking for, they're happy to work with you to produce a custom-item that meets your needs.

Garden Path Soap and Herbal Products | 342 Beechdale Rd, Bird in Hand (website)

Amish Soap maker Sylvia Fisher opened her shop in 2003 and it quickly became a favorite destination for visitors in search of high quality soaps, lotions and candles. Her products are lovely, include natural ingredients and they're functional too.   This is a shop that visitors return to again and again to restock & get their “soap fix”.


Amish Furniture

Amish-made furniture is famous for its quality and fair pricing.  On top of that, when you buy Amish furniture you know you're buying a product that's Made in America by a small business owner supporting his family!  Here are a few of our favorite Amish Furniture Stores in Lancaster PA:


King’s Amish Furniture | 13 Center St, Intercourse (

Amish woodcrafters from Pennsylvania and Ohio produce a range of furniture to meet the needs of customers looking for handcrafted furniture at an affordable price. They offer everything from bedroom, living room, dining room and even outdoor furniture.  Shoppers can find traditional dining room and kitchen sets here, but if you’re looking for something more unique, they have rustic and ‘edgier’ collections as well.


Peaceful Valley| 421 Hartman Bridge Rd, Strasburg (

At Peaceful Valley you’ll find exactly what you want, even if you didn’t know you wanted it! All their furniture is real, solid wood, never pressed board or veneers.  In addition to traditional furniture, they sell children’s toys like rocking horses and rocking airplanes, a child’s 3-in-1 high chair combo and doll high chairs.  Peaceful Valley has two main locations in Intercourse and Strasburg, plus you can shop at their showrooms in the Green Dragon Market (Fridays) or Root’s Market (Tuesdays).

Snyders Furniture | 3709 E Newport Rd, Gordonville (

If you’re looking for a custom, “Statement Piece” for your home, you should check out Snyders Furniture in Gordonville. While they offer a full array of Amish Crafted furniture to choose from in their showroom, they also offer custom orders.  These pieces are made to order, one at a time, and to your exact specifications of style, wood, finish, dimensions, and the other details you select.  Customers flock here for exceptional workmanship and outstanding customer service.

Amish & Mennonite General Stores

Where do our local Amish neighbors shop for the household items they need in their daily life.  To be honest, Costco and Walmart are two of the places you’re most likely to run into Amish customers roaming the aisles for diapers, cleaning supplies, clothing and the like.  That said, there ARE some small Amish or Mennonite shops out there, and these are our favorites:


Fishers Houseware & Fabric | 1098 Georgetown Rd, Paradise (website)

Located just a few miles south of Strasburg this is a fantastic Amish-owned general store where you can find everything from sewing supplies, school supplies and kitchenware to home décor, stationary & gifts. Take note in the sewing selection of the vast array of black fabric… who knew there could be so many varieties of black!  Right next to those aisles you’ll find children’s Amish straw hats and bonnets.  As you’re walking up and down the aisles be sure to look up to take note of the lighting which is fueled with natural gas, not electricity!  And odds are, there will be more buggies than cars in the parking lot!


Good’s Stores | 1338 Main St, East Earl (

Good’s is the go-to place for all things family & home needs and we regularly refer to as “Amish Kmart”. The first thing you’ll see when you walk into the Ephrata location is kitchen gadgets on your right and candles on your left. The store is filled with sewing supplies, clothing, games, toys, pet supplies, tools and home décor.  If they don’t have it at Good’s, you probably don’t need it!!  There are locations in East Earl (the largest, next to Shady Maple), Quarryville, Ephrata and Schaefferstown.


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We hope you enjoyed our blog about the 15 Best Amish Owned Shops in Lancaster PA!  We hope to see you soon!

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