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May 1, 2022

If you’re searching for an authentic way to tour the Amish countryside during your stay at Historic Smithton Inn, then climb aboard one of these Amish buggy rides in Lancaster PA! During your ride you’ll take in the gorgeous farmland views and be able to see actual Amish homes and businesses. The tour guides are incredibly knowledgeable and are happy to tell you all about the Lancaster County Amish. You’ll love hearing some folk tales and community stories for an inside scoop. Find out our choices for the best Amish buggy rides in Lancaster PA!

After you’ve taken advantage of the best Amish buggy rides in Lancaster PA, treat yourself to one of the best Amish restaurants in Lancaster, PA! Download our free Vacation Guide for great local recommendations for an authentic taste of local culture! We’ve also listed great historic sites, museums, and hiking spots to explore during your stay at Historic Smithton Inn.

This blog is all about Buggy Rides Lancaster PA!!

Best Buggy Rides Lancaster PA

Aaron & Jessica's Buggy Rides
at Plain and Fancy Farm, 3121 Old Philadelphia Pike, Ronks | (717) 723-0478

Amish Buggy
Source: Aaron and Jessica's Facebook Page

Aaron & Jessica's Buggy Rides is located on site at the Plain & Fancy Farm where they began serving food and offering buggy rides in 1969!  In all those years they've learned a thing or two about providing the best experience for visitors to Lancaster PA.  They offer over 20 options for buggy tours.  There are short rides or long tours.  You can ride in a private buggy our team up with other visitors.  Along the way there are so many things to see and learn.  Drivers are happy to share their experiences and knowledge of Amish Country and answer any questions.   

AAA Buggy Rides
at Kitchen Kettle Village, 3461 Old Philadelphia Pike, Ronks | (717) 989-2829

Amish Buggy
Source: AAA Buggy Rides Facebook page

One of the premier Amish buggy rides in Lancaster PA is AAA Buggy Rides. This abbreviation stands for “Amish All Around.” You will travel through the surrounding farmland and countryside on an authentic open Amish buggy, taking in the peaceful nature around you. The wagons used by AAA are larger, which means they are able to fit more people. AAA offers a 35-minute country buggy ride through Amish farms and past an Amish schoolhouse. The 55-minute covered bridge ride journeys on a back country road through Amish farmland and countryside. There is also the hour-long Amish Farm Tour buggy ride, which includes a guided walk through a genuine, working Amish dairy farm. The prices of these Amish buggy rides in Lancaster PA range from $15 to $24 depending on time-length.


A is for Amish Buggy Rides, Ronks ,PA
at the Red Caboose Motel, 312 Paradise Ln, Ronks | (717) 725-8664

Amish Buggy
Source: A is for Amish Buggy Rides

A is for Amish Buggy Rides is unique in that it is owned and operated by members of the Amish, Mennonite and Brethren communities.  They are located at the Red Caboose Motel and in addition to buggy rides, they also have a large petting zoo and children can play on a massive Amish playground.  Their location puts you right in the middle of it all, including sweeping views you can see when climbing up the silo viewing tower.


Abe’s Buggy Rides
2596 Old Philadelphia Pike, Bird in Hand | (717) 392-1794

Abes buggy
Source: Rebecca Gallagher

Another great option for an Amish tour is Abe’s Buggy Rides. These Amish buggy rides in Lancaster PA have been in service since 1968, giving customer private countryside rides (for no extra cost). This is a great option if you’d prefer to not ride with strangers. Authentic Amish buggies are donned, able to hold up to seven adults. The main draw to this attraction is the genuine experience. See how the Amish travel and enjoy a guided tour from an expert guide. There are five different tours to select from. These include views such as farms, schoolhouses, and other historic sites dating back to the 1700s. The two longest rides offered will take visitors to an Amish home or Mennonite craft store and bake shop.

Check out this great video by LivingFree365 about Abe's.  If you like what you see, join the facebook group they set up:  https://www.facebook.com/groups/LivingFree365/?source_id=615929035262796

Ed’s Buggy Rides in Strasburg, PA
253 Hartman Bridge Rd., Ronks | (717) 687-0360

Buggy Ride
Source: Ed's Buggy Rides

Last but certainly not least is Ed’s Buggy Rides. Directly across from Sight & Sound Theater, Ed’s Buggy Rides offers a 3-mile tour through historic Amish farmlands. Experience the gorgeous Pennsylvania Dutch countryside with these Amish buggy rides in Lancaster PA. The hilly back roads in an authentic buggy will bring you 35-40 minutes of spectacular views and historic facts. This is the only buggy ride that does not travel on any main roads! There is also a petting zoo for you to enjoy.


Map Showing Locations of 5 Best Amish Buggy Rides in Lancaster PA

If you're wondering where each of these Amish Buggy Rides are in relation to other attractions in the area, here's a view of them on the map of Amish Country.  Click on the button in the top left corner (to the left of Rebecca's photo) to see details for each Amish Buggy Ride location.

Restaurants in the Area

If you're looking for places to eat before or after you enjoy your Amish Country Buggy Ride, here are a few suggestions for you:

  • DJ's Taste of the 50's | 2410 Old Philadelphia Pike, Lancaster | Website
  • Casey Jones Restaurant | 312 Paradise Ln, Ronks | Website
  • Agape | 366 Hartman Bridge Rd, Ronks | Website
  • Dienners Restaurant | 2855 Lincoln Hwy, Ronks | Website
  • Harvest Cafe | 3529 Old Philadelphia Pike, Intercourse | Website
  • Fireside Tavern | 1500 Historic Dr, Strasburg | Website
  • The Brasserie Restaurant and Bar | 1679 E Lincoln Hwy, Lancaster | Website

This blog is all about Buggy Rides Lancaster PA!!

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