Best Burgers in Lancaster PA

April 9, 2022

Where Can You Find the Best Burger Lancaster PA?

Everyone loves a good burger… right?! There are so many burger variations, and individual preferences are totally taken into account, which also means that finding the BEST burger is a very personal thing. The list we’ve curated for you includes restaurants making burgers from every type of meat/non-meat (angus beef, bison, lamb, falafel, beyond burger & more), a variety of buns, an infinite combination of toppings and some wonderfully unique sauces. We hope that somewhere in this list of Lancaster’s Best Burgers you find the one that speaks to you!!

This blog is all about Best Burgers Lancaster PA

The Clear Winners of Best Burger in Lancaster PA

To take into account the widest variety of personal preferences on the burger-front, I turned to social media to look at a number of online straw polls of Lancaster residents.  There are a number of social media groups where the members ask for advice on places to go, things to see and especially places to eat.  In any post where the question is, “Who has the Best Burgers in Lancaster PA?” I found two clear winners.  These restaurants have well earned, long-standing reputations for serving the most delicious, fresh, over-the-top wonderful burgers in town.  So if you’re looking for a burger that’s out of this world, you need to go to either Cabalar or the Horse Inn.  No question… stop reading!  Or, if you're looking for a few different options... by all means, continue... there are more great burger joints in town than these two!


Cabalar | 325 N Queen St, Lancaster | Website

Patty Melt
Source: Rebecca Gallagher


Horse Inn | 540 E Fulton St, Lancaster | Website

Source: Horse Inn Facebook page



Other Great Burgers in Lancaster:

That said, there are a bunch of other great places to eat delicious burgers in Lancaster PA.  All across Lancaster County, each town has a few standouts. Every one these restaurants gets multiple shout-outs when someone asks “Where can I get a great burger?”.  Some of these places are awesome, off the beaten track, hidden-gem dives.  Others are snazzy, well known bar/restaurants.  All are recognized as awesome & we're here to help you find them!!

I’ve broken the list out by town so you can find a mouth-watering, unique, specialty hamburger no matter where in Lancaster you find yourself.



551 West | 551 W King St, Lancaster | Website

Source: 551 West

Max’s Eatery | 38 W King St, Lancaster | Website

Source: Max's Eatery Facebook Page

Route 66 | 45 W Liberty St #2700, Lancaster | Website

Source: Route 66 Facebook Page

Hunger-N-Thirst | 920 Landis Ave, Lancaster | Website

Source: Hunger-N-Thirst Facebook page

ABG Lancaster (American Bar & Grill) | 1081 N Plum St, Lancaster | Website

Source: American Bar & Grill (Sirracha Burger)

Lucky Dog Cafe | 1942 Columbia Ave, Lancaster | Website

Source: Lucky Dog Cafe Facebook Page



Brunnerville Hotel | 1301 Front Street, Lititz | Website

Source: Rebecca Gallagher

Tied House | 27-31 E Main St, Lititz | Website

Source: Tied House Facebook Page

Rooster Street Butcher | 11 S Cedar St, Lititz | Website

Source: Rooster Street Butcher Facebook Page

Bull’s Head Pub | 14 E Main St, Lititz | Website

Source: Rebecca Gallagher


Olde Lincoln House Tavern | 1398 W Main St, Ephrata | Website

Source: Lincoln House Facebook Page

The Dutchmaid Deck | 222 N Reading Rd, Ephrata | Website

burger and crush
Source: Rebecca Gallagher

Black Forest Brewery | 301 W Main St, Ephrata | Website

Source: Black Forest Brewery Facebook Page


The Penguin Hotel | 55 E Church Rd, Stevens | Website

Source: Dave Gallagher


Rural City Beer Co | 6 N Reamstown Rd, Reamstown | Website




Fireside Tavern | 1500 Historic Dr, Strasburg | Website

Source:  Fireside Tavern Facebook Page

Agape Cafe & Grill | 366 Hartman Bridge Rd, Ronks | Website

Source:  Agape Cafe & Grill Facebook Page


Bully’s Restaurant & Pub | 647 Union St, Columbia | Website

Source: Bullys Facebook Page


The Railroad House Inn | 280 W Front St, Marietta| Website

Burger and Chips
Source: Railroad House Inn Facebook Page

River Trail Brewing | 40 E Front St, Marietta | Website

Source: Rebecca Gallagher - GOAT Burger


Gracie’s on West Main | 264 W Main St, Leola | Website

Gracie's Facebook Page


Jack's Family Tavern & Restaurant | 15 S Prince St, Millersville | Website

Source: Jack's Facebook Page

This blog is all about Best Burgers Lancaster PA

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