Brian Dodd on Leadership: 7 Things Churches (or You!) Need to Know about Welcoming Guests

April 10, 2011

I don’t normally reprint other people’s articles in the Historic Smithton’s blog, but this article lead me to make an exception!  Last week we had the pleasure of hosting the Dodd family during their Family Vacation in Lancaster County.  It turns out that Brian is a church stewardship and leadership consultant who writes a terrific blog where he uses his personal passion and experiences to gather and apply key learnings from the fields of leadership, sports, and church ministry. He took his experience here at the Historic Smithton Inn and translated it into advice about “Welcoming Guests”.  While the title references churches specifically, the advice transcends that particular niche to all areas of business and customer service.

Here’s a glimse:
This week I got to spend Spring Break in Amish Country, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. I know, not exactly the beach, but this is our 20th wedding anniversary and a gift for my wife who is fascinated by the Amish people.

The best part of this week has been staying at a local bed and breakfast called The Historic Smithton Inn operated by Innkeeper Rebecca Gallagher. If you’re ever passing through central PA, I can’t recommend this location enough. Just click on their name for more information.
My family and I have never been treated so well. This vacation has taught me a lot about what churches could be doing to make their guests feel welcome and cared for. There is a difference in hosting people in your church and simply having them.  Read Brian’s 7 Things…