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Closeup of traditional Amish straw hat in front of horse farm in the fall | Lancaster County Amish Experience in Lancaster PA

Ultimate Amish Experience in Lancaster PA

This blog is all about having the ultimate Amish Experience in Lancaster PA! Pennsylvania is a fabulous state to visit, especially if you want to relax and unwind in the countryside! Drive through jaw-dropping backdrops and explore the heart of Amish Country! History buffs will love to learn more about the local culture and history …

The Amish Farm and House

Visit the Amish Farm & House in Lancaster PA The Amish Farm and House is a historical gem in Lancaster County. This attraction in the heart of Amish Country opened nearly 60 years ago and has accommodated generations of visitors. At this museum, you will receive an educational tour on the life of the Amish …

Lancaster Lingo 101

Whether you’re planning your first trip to Lancaster or this has already become your “happy place”, it’s never too late to learn Lancaster Lingo 101!  And no, we’re not talking about the latest dance craze!  The locals here in Lancaster County have a distinct dialect, much like other regions of the U.S. such as the …
Mouthwatering breakfasts

Mouthwatering Breakfasts – Amish Strawberry Bread Recipe

One of the favorite sweet breads we serve at the Historic Smithton Inn is this mouthwatering breakfasts – Amish Strawberry Bread!  Your house will smell SO good when you make this for yourself at home! I’ve never seen a cookbook I didn’t NEED to own, and buying a bed and breakfast in Lancaster County opened …
Girls holding quilt

Amish Quilt Auctions

Buying quilts at an Amish Quilt Auction, rather than in one of Lancaster’s many wonderful local quilt shops, is NOT for the faint of heart.  It is a truly unique experience.  Plus, it can save you lots of money. My favorite auction is held every-other month in New Holland at the Garden Spot Fire Hall.  …
Mud Sales

2017 Lancaster County Mud Sales

It’s that time of year again. Prepare to splash into action as we set our sights on spring and the mud sale season in Lancaster County! These popular annual mud sales give the community a chance to come together and give visitors and locals alike a great outlet for discovering some wonderful bargains! From late …


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