Discover Lititz, Just 8 miles from the Smithton

March 10, 2010

I can’t quite put my finger on why, but Lititz is definitely one of my favorite nearby places to visit. Just 8 miles from the Smithton, Lititz has a character that’s unique from other towns in Lancaster County. Maybe it’s the atmosphere & architecture, with its tree-lined Main Street and lovely, quaint, unique shops. Maybe it’s the history that dates back to the 1740s when Lititz was settled by the Moravians. It could be the artisans; there are many furniture makers, artists, and craftsman selling their wares in Lititz. Or, most likely for me, it could be the culinary creations; Lititz is home to the Wilbur Chocolate Factory, which produces more than 170 million pounds of chocolate every year, and the Sturgis Pretzel House, where Pennsylvania Dutch pretzels are still baked in stone ovens, just as they were 145 years ago.

No matter what the reason, Lititz is definitely a town you should visit as you explore Lancaster County. Plan to spend the day, giving you time to browse the shops and galleries, tour the Chocolate factory and Pretzel House, take in the natural beauty of Lititz Spring Park and dine in one of the local restaurants or cafes. There are also a number of museums and churches you can tour, to learn more about Lititz’s long and colorful history.

Lititz also hosts a number of festivals throughout the year. February is the Fire and Ice festival (ice sculptures and a chili cook-off); July is the longest continuous-running celebration of Independence Day. Also in the summer are the annual art show and craft show. For more details go to