Green Dragon Farmer’s Market

August 25, 2021

32 Things to Know About the Green Dragon Market

Source: Rebecca Gallagher

Known for being one of the most popular shopping experiences in Ephrata, the Green Dragon Farmer’s Market features over 400 local merchants, growers, craftsmen, and vendors each week. From fresh produce to handmade items and art, the market has an astonishing variety of goods. Browsing this market won’t be a quick and easy task, but it will sure be a fun one! See what treasures you can find at the Green Dragon Farmer’s Market!

This Blog Post is all about the Green Dragon Market!

1 - Address & Hours

The Green Dragon is located just outside Downtown Ephrata on State Street.  Since 1932, the Green Dragon Market is a favorite spot for tourists and locals alike.  Whether you're looking for bargains, local foods, hand-crafted gifts, dog treats, tube socks or cell phone accessories, you can find it at the Green Dragon!

2:  Check Out 30 Acres of Vendors

With over 400 vendors located on 30 acres, the Green Dragon Farmer’s Market is one of the largest Amish-run and regulated farmers markets in the United States. Its giant space is a draw in itself, with so much to see. For the antique-buyer, window shopper, or seasoned browser, this space is perfect for you! You can spend the whole day exploring and discovering. 

  • NOTE:  If you're driving North on State Street (ie:  from downtown Ephrata) you'll arrive at the Lower Entrance first.  If you take 272 and turn at the iconic Green Dragon Sign, you'll arrive at the Upper Entrance first.

Map of Green Dragon Market
Source: Green Dragon Market

3 - Carnival Atmosphere

With a large sculpted dragon topping the Green Dragon Farmer’s Market sign and a sea of tents, the atmosphere is very similar to that of a carnival. Live entertainment might include music, while the smells of delicious roasting food waft throughout the air. The energy of the bustling vendors and bustling crowds is contagious!

4 - Heart of Pennsylvania Dutch Country - Amish Shops

You aren’t just visiting another city flea market. The Green Dragon Farmer’s Market is located in the heart of Pennsylvania Dutch Country. Amish buggies often frequent the free parking lot alongside cars. The market is also Amish-run and regulated, which means that many of the merchants you will come across will be affiliated with the Amish culture.  Note:  There are a number of stands owned & operated by Amish families, especially fresh produce stands and stands selling Amish goods like jams, canned goods & baked goods.  In particular check out:

  • Roseann's Stuffed Pretzels - Building 6
  • Lantz Goodies - Upper End

5 - 20:  TONS of Food!

Can’t you just smell the salty, soft pretzels now? Now, take those pretzels and make a delicious pretzel sandwich. That’s just one of the delectable treats available at the Green Dragon Farmer’s Market, along with funnel cake, wings, hamburgers, caramel corn, french fries, ice cream, sandwiches and more! Your mouth will water at the variety of fresh food and local produce available for consumption on-site.  Here are a few favorites:

Meat Market Vendors:

  • New Holland Meat (Building 6)
  • King's Fresh Meats (Building 1)

Fresh Produce Vendors:

  • Hoover's Farm Fresh Fruits & Vegetables (Building 1)
  • King's Center Aisle Produce (Building 1)
  • Garden of Eden Produce (Building 6)

Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner / Dessert Options:  

You should definitely plan to arrive at the Green Dragon Flea Market HUNGRY  because there are some really fantastic options for breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert, or just "because"!!!

  • Roseann's Stuffed Pretzels (Building 6) - Do NOT skip this place no matter what!
  • Lapp Valley Farm (Ice Cream)  (Building 1)
  • Fisher's Sandwich Shack (Building 1)
  • La Abuela's Mexican Restaurant (Building 4)
  • Jake & Leona's Restaurant (Building 6)
  • Mulligan's Fish Fry (Building 1)
  • The Corner Cafe (Building 3)
  • Rachel's Family Dining (Building 1)
  • Katie Fisher Pizza (Building 1)
  • Newswanger's Sausage (Building 6)

21-28:  One-of-a-Kind Goods & Gifts

Looking for the perfect unique souvenir to take home or a one-of-a-kind gift to bring back to your loved ones? The Green Dragon Farmer’s Market has plenty of handcrafted items that will stand out. From paintings and photographs to handmade trinkets and jewelry, these creative pieces serve as wonderful collectibles (for others or yourself!) The sheer variety of vendors is amazing in itself. From pop-up furniture shops to meat and cheese vendors to soap and candlemakers, you won’t be bored perusing these different items!  Here are a few of our fav's:

  • Dolly Lady (American Girl Doll Clothes) - Building 4
  • Fairy Moon (Art) - Building 1
  • Amos Wood Burning Shop - Building 1
  • Candles from Heaven - Tower Village
  • Peaceful Valley Amish Furniture - Building 6
  • Stillridge Meadow Herb Farm (gifts) - Building 5
  • B&B Custom Leather  - Tower Village

29-31:  Auctions

The market isn’t the only function of Green Dragon. The space also serves as an auction, from farm equipment to household goods and small animals. Whether you’re looking to make a bid or just want to serve as a spectator, you will enjoy listening to the auctioneer and seeing what items go for what price!

  • Household Goods & Furniture Auction:  Located in the rear of Building #5, Every Friday at 11 am
  • Straw, Hay, Oats Etc Auction:  Located in the back parking lot behind Building #6:  Every Friday at 10 am
  • Small Animal Auction:  Located in the Upper entrance, between Building #1 and #6:  Every Friday at 6:30 pm

32: Green Dragon is Close to Historic Smithton!

Ephrata Bed and Breakfast The Green Dragon Farmer’s Market is in Ephrata, only 6 minutes away from the Historic Smithton Inn! After waking up to a delicious gourmet breakfast at the inn, head on over to the market and browse your morning away, building up your appetite for a delicious lunch on-site. Be sure to find some souvenirs to take back home with you and remember your stay!

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