The Historic Smithton Inn has the BEST movies!

March 27, 2012

Who doesn’t love a good movie?  But if you’re like us, your busy schedule doesn’t leave you much time for even catching current movies, much less the great movies of the past. This is where the Historic Smithton Inn comes in.  Our collection of amenities includes flat screen TVs with DVD players in each of our guest rooms so that your relaxing, romantic Lancaster Count getaway can include watching that movie you’ve been meaning to see, but could never make it happen. 
But having the device  to watch a movie is only half of the equation!  We’ve invested in movie collection that has over 275 titles and growing.  Our DVD library includes “chick flicks”, action thrillers, dramas, foreign films, musicals, “camp” classics… and now, over 35 years worth of “Best Picture” Oscar winners!  That’s right, we have every Best Picture winner from 1976 to the present (plus a few earlier ones)!

In case you need a reminder of which films won Best Picture, here’s the list:

2011:  The Artist (coming out on DVD soon)
2010:  The King’s Speech
2009:  Hurt Locker
2008:  Slumdog Millionaire
2007:  No Country for Old Men
2006:  The Departed
2005:  Crash
2004:  Million Dollar Baby
2003:  Lord of the Rings:  The Return of the King
2002:  Chicago
2001:  A Beautiful Mind
2000:  Gladiator
1999:  American Beauty
1998:  Shakesphere in Love
1997:  Titantic
1996:  The English Patient
1995:  Braveheart
1994:  Forrest Gump
1993:  Schindler’s List
1992:  Unforgiven
1991:  The Silence of the Lambs
1990:  Dances with Wolves
1989:  Driving Miss Daisy
1988:  Rain Man
1987:  The Last Emperor
1986:  Platoon
1985:  Out of Africa
1984:  Amadeus
1983:  Terms of Endearment
1982:  Gandhi
1981:  Chariots of Fire
1980:  Ordinary People
1979:  Kramer vs. Kramer
1978:  The Deer Hunter
1977:  Annie Hall
1976:  Rocky

Plus, we’ve got all the Godfather movies, Lawrence of Arabia and Casablanca…!

So while your days in Lancaster County can be filled with exploring historic sites, Amish culture, unique shops and fantastic restaurants, your evenings can be a relaxing escape into the movie of your choice, and at the Historic Smithton Inn…we’ve got all the BEST movies!