Honk If You Like Snow Geese at Middle Creek

February 27, 2012

The annual Snow Geese migration is really gearing up in Lancaster County, and the Middle Creek Nature Preserve, just 6 mils from the Historic Smithton Inn.  When I looked at the tracking update provided by Middle Creek over the weekend the count was at 55,000 geese (plus a few Canadian Geese & Tundra Swans for good measure).  Today it’s up to 65,000+!! The waterfowl usually stopover in Lancaster County in late winter (Mid-February to early March) on their way to their mating grounds up north. The Game Commission recommends the first weekends of March as the best time to see the most amount of birds. The place were bird watchers are flocking is the Willow Point Trail overlook, and the best time of day for photography is early morning, but the spectacular sight of watching the birds swoop up in unison, circle the lake and land again repeats itself all day long. So book your bird-watching getaway to Lancaster County today, you won’t be disappointed!