How Can Staying at a B&B Help Save a Life?

June 3, 2010

Have you ever wondered what bed and breakfasts do with the partially used soaps that guests leave behind? If you thought the answer was simply “throw them in the garbage”…you’re partially correct. Every day in America, thousands of hotels discard millions of pounds of soap and shampoo. These products often end up in already overflowing landfills and contaminate fragile groundwater systems. At the Smithton Inn, we HATE waste, so in addition to recycling glass, plastic and aluminum, we found a way to recycle partially used soaps and shampoos… a way that helps save lives! We donate the soaps and shampoos that guests leave behind to Clean the World.

Impoverished people around the world die every day from acute respiratory infection and diarrheal disease because they have no soap. The death toll is staggering. Each year more than five million lives are lost to these diseases with the majority of deaths being among children less than five years old. Studies have shown that simple hand washing substantially reduces the spread of these diseases. Unfortunately, the essential items for proper hand washing are unobtainable for millions of people worldwide.

Clean the World gets soap to people who really need it.

In an effort to prevent these needless deaths from occurring, Clean the World distributes recycled soap products, along with appropriate educational materials, to impoverished countries worldwide, and homeless shelters in the United States. Clean the World hygiene products have been delivered to those in need in the U.S., Haiti, El Salvador, Nicaragua and Honduras, and as far away as Uganda, Swaziland, Zimbabwe, Romania and Albania.

So next time you stay at the Historic Smithton Inn, know that in a small way, you too are helping save lives. It reminds me of this quote I always liked: “It is not the magnitude of our actions but the amount of love that is put into them that matters.”  ~ Mother Theresa