Attractions You Need to See from Lancaster, PA to Ephrata, PA

March 29, 2016

Delicious soft pretzelsLooking for a few fun stops on your way from Lancaster, PA to Ephrata, PA? Stop in at one of these places en route to prolong the adventure and better explore the area! From a regional coffee reboot and local pretzel factory to historic landmarks and museums, here are some worthwhile attractions you need to see while traveling from Lancaster, PA to Ephrata, PA!

What You’ll Find On Your Way from Lancaster, PA to Ephrata, PA

Turkey Hill Minit Market
Need to recharge on caffeine during your trip from Lancaster, PA to Ephrata, PA? Stop in at the Turkey Hill Minit Market and fill up a cup at their “Coffee Central.” Try a variety of flavors at the coffee bar, from dark roast to hazelnut and French vanilla. For that extra get-up-and-go, try a cappuccino, choosing from cinnamon roll, English toffee, white chocolate caramel, and Fluffernutter just to name a few. If you’re more in the mood for a bite to eat, the Real Time Cafe offers pizza, burgers, sandwiches, hoagies, and wraps for your consumption. Turkey Hill Minit Markets are located exclusively in Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Indiana, so you’ll be getting a special regional treat!
Ephrata Cloister
Founded in 1732 by religious German settlers, the Ephrata Cloister stands as a National Historic Landmark en route from Lancaster, PA to Ephrata, PA. Conrad Beissel was banished from his homeland of Germany in 1715 for his Pietist religion and immigrated to Pennsylvania, where he established Ephrata. What started as a small hermitage of religious followers turned into a large community based in pietism and mysticism and the ascetic life. This community constructed a small town with eight buildings, and ancestral followers continued to live in this area until 1929 when feuding lost the Church at Ephrata. The property was sold to the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania as a historic site known as the Ephrata PA Cloister and today, there are daily tours and educational programs to keep the legacy alive. Engage in some rich, local history during your journey!
Martin’s Pretzel Bakery
During your trip from Lancaster, PA to Ephrata, PA, there are many local specialty shops that might catch your eye. One of these is Martin’s Pretzels, a little off the beaten path in Akron, PA, which serves delicious handmade doughy treats. This family-owned bakery began in the 1930s and continues the age old pretzel twisting tradition to this day. Hymns are often sung by the bakers, and a visit will not only provide you a yummy salty treat but also a glimpse into the local culture. Stop by during the week between 6am and 6pm or on Saturday between 6am and 2pm.  
Landis Valley Village & Farm Museum
You will pass many open fields and farmlands on your way from Lancaster, PA to Ephrata, PA, and one place to commemorate and better understand the local farm history is the Landis Valley Village & Farm Museum. This living history village and farm collects, preserves, and explores the history of the Pennsylvania German rural community between 1740 and 1940. A museum was opened in 1925 at the Landis Valley residence with a collection of artifacts, and now there group tours and on-site programs available for visitors. The authentic crossroads village includes historic buildings, old agricultural equipment, and ongoing farming practices. Horse-drawn wagon rides, farming demonstrations, sticky bun and cider tastings, and shopping at the Landis Valley Museum Store are just a few things to experience during your stop!

Keep Exploring Pennsylvania at the Historic Smithton Inn

Pennsylvania culture and history runs deep in the farm soils and Amish traditions. Keep your historic tour going by staying at the Historic Smithton Inn, which offers both past charm and modern amenities. During your stay, we will let you know what else in the area is worth discovering!