Olde Lincoln House Tavern in Ephrata, PA

June 29, 2016

fork and knife on a wooden stand The Olde Lincoln House Tavern in Ephrata, PA, is a great restaurant and tavern destination. Whether you choose to eat in the main dining room, the special events President’s Room, or tavern room, there are some wonderful options. There is even a full menu and bar outside at the Tiki Barn, along with daily drink and food specials. This summer treat is an added extension to an already superb restaurant experience. Come for a delicious meal, a great atmosphere, or a summer vibe. Whatever your choice, you won’t be disappointed! Here are just a few reasons to love the Olde Lincoln House in Ephrata, PA.

Lincoln Memorabilia & A Rich History

Sure, the food is great! But, what makes the Olde Lincoln House in Ephrata, PA, unique is the Abraham Lincoln memorabilia. The dining rooms include some historic decorations featuring our late great president. The building itself also holds a deep history as the second building constructed in New Ephrata in the early 19th century. It was built as a log cabin house of public entertainment with a large adjoining kitchen. Now, its mission is still the same!  The main section of the bar is original to the 1800s, though many updates have been made over the years. The building has also held many names, when it offered room and board, such as Miller’s, Fair’s, and Spangler’s Hotel. Now, board is no longer offered, but food and entertainment are still at the forefront.

Original Bar Dating Back to the 1800s

One of the best features of the Olde Lincoln House in Ephrata, PA, is the original bar which was constructed in the 1800s, along with the pressed tin ceiling. These unique original features truly give such a resounding character to the building! Grab a seat at the bar and enjoy some modern brews in a historic place. You can also class it up with some great wines, including Merlot, Zinfandel, Pinot Grigio, Sauvignon Blanc, and Dom Perignon.

Tavern Fare, Dinner, and Banquet Menus

The Olde Lincoln House in Ephrata, PA, offers a tavern fare, dinner, banquet, and wine menu. These compilations offer some delectable dishes, no matter what mood you’re in. For some tavern fare, try the Crab Potato Skins, followed by a Grilled Angus Burger or Fish and Chips. The dinner menu offers some tasty dishes, such as the Flame Seared Delmonico, Chicken Chesapeake, Scottish Salmon, or Filet Mignon. A banquet buffet includes food for larger parties. If you’re hosting an event, this is ideal! You can get crab dip with baguettes, a cheese and cracker tray, and antipasta tray, crustini canapes, tomato basil skewers, crab stuffed mushroom caps, wings, or even mini tacos! There are several other wonderful options as well.

After Food at the Olde Lincoln House in Ephrata, PA

After enjoying a meal at the Olde Lincoln House in Ephrata, PA, come back to a relaxing retreat at the Historic Smithton Inn. Enjoy one of our eight history, themed rooms and wake up to a delicious gourmet breakfast. For more information on what to see and do in the area, download our free vacation guide!