Long Live Your Experience at the 34th Annual Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire

August 25, 2014

From August 2 through October 26, 2014, step back in time to the year 1525 at this year’s Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire. Throughout the 35-acre shire at Mount Hope Estate, you’ll find jousting knights, a human chess match, swashbuckling pirates, jugglers, minstrels, and royal performers among the many acts and attractions.

Every year, the PA Renaissance Faire offers a progressive plot that traverses the grounds as the day unfolds. And what a story they have in store for guests this year! The Faire also features themed weekends that deliver a fresh and fun experience for repeat guests.

Huzzah to the Cast of Characters!

I can tell you there’s no such thing as a dull moment at the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire. Prepare to indulge your eyes, ears, and funny bone in a variety of entertainment choices. The shire is well-supplied with merrymakers, magicians, musicians, stunt performers, and more who put on nearly 90 shows daily.

Eat, Drink, and Be Merry.
Prepare to give your taste buds a treat as you explore the plethora of Renaissance-inspired food vendors throughout your day. Smoked turkey leg, anyone? How about a Scotch egg? And there’s lots more, including dishes of a more familiar nature for those less adventurous.

While at the Faire, you might also partake in Mount Hope Estate’s own wines and ales. What better way to toast the queen?

Lasting Reminders
Before you leave the shire, I recommend you make some time to browse the merchant’s wares for the perfect souvenir. You’ll be amazed at the array of jewelry, crafts, décor, and clothes made by exceptional artisans.

Never been to the Faire?
The Historic Smithton is an easy half-hour drive from Mount Hope Estate. With years of suggesting the Faire to our guests, we’ll be happy to share more about it when you stay with us. You can also visit the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire website for dates, times, ticket information, map, 2014 program, and other details.

I hope you’ll get thee out for some frolicking at this year’s Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire!

By Rebecca Gallagher

All images used in this post belong to and are used with permission from the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire.