Nonna Rosa Restaurant

March 29, 2022

7 Reasons to Try Nonna Rosa Restaurant

Door There’s something about Italian food that everyone loves!  No matter what, there’s going to be something on the menu for even the pickiest eaters in the family.  If you’re in the mood for something light, you can order soup, salad, pizza, calzone, Stromboli or a sandwich.  If you want something more substantial, the menu includes hearty pasta, chicken, veal and seafood dishes.

The Historic Smithton Inn is fortunate to have a GOOD Italian restaurant so close to our historic Bed and Breakfast in Ephrata PA.  When guests ask us for dinner recommendations near our B&B, Nonna Rosa’s Traditional Italian Kitchen is always on the list… here’s why:

This blog is all about Nonna Rosa Restaurant


1 – It’s all homemade!

Spaghetti and Meatballs There’s a difference between opening a can or jar of sauce and heating it up on the stove vs. sauces made with fresh ingredients from scratch every single day.  The same goes for cooking up dried pasta from a box versus homemade pastas!  At Nonna Rosa’s the team wakes up early and makes all the ingredients they serve you FROM SCRATCH.  Everything from sauces, pastas, breads and desserts to sausage and meatballs are made DAILY with love, and you can taste the difference!


2 – Involved Owners

restaurant owners
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Not every restaurant has owners who are active in the business.  At Nonna Rosa’s Kitchen, you can see that the restaurant is much than a job for these owners.  It’s a personal labor of love.  Owners Javier Martinez, Rosa Conigliaro, Gaspare Gelardi, and Marisa Conigliaro are all highly involved and on-site nightly.  Such engaged owners ensures that the quality of food and service are up to their high standards every single night.  Their positivity and work ethic sets an example for all the staff to emulate.


3 – Great Location, Parking & To Go Option

Restaurant Nonna Rosa’s Traditional Italian Kitchen is located at 363 S. Seventh St. in Akron, PA, which is basically PA Route 272, a main North/South route that connects Lancaster to Ephrata.  The road is well-traveled, but not so busy that traffic becomes a problem.  Nonna Rosa’s parking lot is large and well lit.  There’s a separate entrance for To-Go order pick up, making it easy for guests to order online or over the phone & easily run in to pick up your order at the bar.  If our guests are heading home after a day of tours in Lancaster, Intercourse or Strasburg, Nonna Rosa Italian Restaurant is conveniently along the way!


4 – Cozy Dining Rooms & Private Party Area

Italian Food The vibe at Nonna Rosa is super-homey!  You’ll feel the warm atmosphere that’s fitting for a restaurant where everything’s homemade and the staff makes you feel like family.  Italian food is perfect for large gatherings of family or friends or romantic dinner for two.  At Nonna Rosa’s Kitchen, guests can sit at a cozy table for two, share a booth with friends, gather at a long table set for 10, or have an entire room for up to 40 all to yourself.  And since Nonna Rosa takes reservations, you won’t have to wait an hour to be seated like you might have to at other popular Lancaster restaurants.  For large groups they recommend booking at least a week ahead, for small tables consider calling in your reservation between 30 minutes to an hour prior to your planned arrival.


5 - They Serve Beer, Wine & Cocktails

bar with wine and beer Until recently, the Borough of Akron had restrictions on the type of alcohol that could be sold at restaurants in the Borough.  Because of this, they initially were only able to sell beer.  For an Italian Restaurant where a nice bottle of Chianti just GOES with your homemade spaghetti & meatballs, this wasn’t ideal!  The owners reached out to the community of Akron and asked them to support a referendum to allow for the sale of wine and liquor in the Borough of Akron.  The good news is that there was overwhelming support and the referendum passed.  Now guests can enjoy a whole host of wines and cocktails in addition to beers, ciders & seltzers.  You can choose to have your drink and dinner right at the bar (there are 12 bar stools & other high tops in the bar area), or grab a 6 pack to take home with you.


6 – There are Gluten Free Options

seafood dinner Akron's Nonna Rosa Italian restaurant has gluten free options available for guests, including pasta, pizza and ciabatta bread for paninis.  There are even gluten free dessert menu items too!  Whether you’re simply trying to avoid gluten or you’re diagnosed with Celiac Disease, there are delicious dishes for you to enjoy.


7 – A Secret Weapon:  CODY!

Restaurant guests and server Across the board, the staff at Nonna Rosa Restaurant is terrific.  They’re conscientious, friendly, and hard working.  And with the owners right there on site, its no surprise that customer service is a priority.  That said, some servers simply go above and beyond all your expectations, and that’s exactly what you get when Cody is your server.  From the second he introduces himself you can feel his love (and passion) for his job and his employer.  His positive energy is infectious.  If you read social media reviews about Nonna Rosa, you’ll find that Cody is a ROCK STAR and gets tons of play across all platforms.  Here are just a few comments from a recent social media post:

“Cody is amongst the very best! We have been there several times and his service exceeds our expectations every single time. He is a gem for sure! The atmosphere is awesome and food has always been amazing.” ~Lori G.


“I've always said eating out is like dinner and a show. You can make pretty much anything you want at home. So when you go out to eat you wanted to be treated like a queen or King. Or maybe have some fun or be entertained. Cody hits the mark on all of them” ~Joann R.


“Cody rocks!!! Nonna Rosa is the best Italian restaurant I’ve ever been to.” ~Glenda M.


Now you can see why Nonna Rosa Restaurant is one of our favorite Italian Restaurants in Lancaster PA.  We hope you enjoy your visit there as much as we always do.


Book a Room and Spend the Night!

king bed The Historic Smithton Inn is just a few miles from Nonna Rosa making it a wonderful place to stay if you plan on eating out at this wonderful restaurant during your Lancaster County vacation!  Our charming Ephrata PA Bed and Breakfast offers 9 guest rooms including some wonderful King Suites for anyone who likes a little extra space & a luxurious Jacuzzi Tub in your room.  After a relaxing nights rest, you’ll wake up to a scrumptious homemade breakfast that might just be the highlight of your getaway!  We also love helping our guests find hidden gems around the county so if you need advice about dining options or favorite attractions, we’re here to help!  CLICK HERE to choose your room & start planning your trip today!

This blog is all about Nonna Rosa Restaurant


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