Sight & Sound’s Moses is an Epic Lancaster County Theater Experience

March 12, 2014

I was honored and fortunate to be invited to attend a special preview of Sight & Sound Theatres’ production, Moses. At the performance on Friday, March 7, the theater was packed with local tourism-business owners, Sight & Sound vendors, and VIPs as the epic Old Testament tale came to life.

As usual, Sight & Sound did NOT disappoint. They managed to weave timeless themes, including struggles with identity, insecurity, destiny, faith, family, and redemption, into the Biblical story. Moses had all the extraordinary elements you come to expect from Sight & Sound productions…stunning sets and staging that make you feel a part of the show (so much so that at one point I actually started to feel dizzy!), lighting and sound that’s so good you feel like the actors are standing right next to you, and of course, live animals that add an extra authentic touch!

With a flair for knowing how to amaze audiences, Sight & Sound made the show absolutely unforgettable with how they presented the burning bush, the plagues, the parting of the red sea, and the Ten Commandments.

 At the beginning of the show, the producer said they hoped Moses would be “impactful”… and I’d say they nailed it! And I love the quote from the executive director, “We set out to turn this from an “event-driven” story into a ‘character-driven’ story.”  They SO did that!!

I heartily recommend this show to you. Its official premier was on March 8 and Moses will continue in Lancaster into February 2015. To learn what went into creating this magnificent production, check out this video. After watching it, you’ll understand my enthusiasm.  For information about show dates, times, and ticket prices, visit the Sight & Sound website.


Sight & Sound Theatres’ Lancaster location is only about a half-hour drive from the Historic Smithton Inn. If you’re staying with us, please do let me know if you’ve ordered tickets. I’ll be happy to make recommendations on area restaurants so you can have the ultimate Lancaster County “dinner and a show” experience.

By Rebecca Gallagher