Vote for Us to Win Intuit’s “Love a Local Business” Contest!

April 25, 2013

The Historic Smithton Inn has submitted a “wish” to Intuit’s ‘Love a Local Business‘ contest.  We registered for the contest on April 13th by uploading some basic information about ourselves and a description of the “wish” that will help us grow our small business:

“The Historic Smithton Inn in Lancaster County, PA, was in a terrible state of repair and nearly in foreclosure when we purchased it in 2009. We have spent the past 4 years bringing the property back to life so that this wonderful historic site will still be here for the community and guests to visit and enjoy 100 years from now! We’d like to be able to host weddings, and need improvements to our landscaping to make that work. A $5,000 grant would be an investment in the property that could help ensure the revenue stream required to maintain this historic landmark for years to come.”

We are one of THOUSANDS of small business who have entered to win… now it’s up to our friends and fans to help us win the grant. 

Please VOTE FOR US.  It’s quick and easy and you can vote once per day until the contest ends on May 12th.  If we win we’ll be able to add an additional revenue stream to our business, hosting weddings, which will create jobs in the community and help us maintain our historic property.

B&Bs for Vets 2012

And as always, our ability to maintain a thriving business, puts us in a position where we can give back to the community, which is important to us!  Just a few of our causes include donating all 7 of our guest rooms to the B&Bs for Vets program, hosting a Jazz Brunch on the grounds that raised $2,000 for music programs in the Ephrata School District, and donating gift certificates and gift baskets to numerous local charities.

Jazz Brunch 2013
Thank you so much for your support of our wish!!  And don’t forget to vote!!