What is a Workcation?

August 25, 2020

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What is a Workcation?

A Workcation (sometimes spelled: work-cation , workation, worcation, or workoliday = work+holiday) is a working vacation and a top travel trend for 2021. It means you travel to a new destination and work from there, at least some of the time. It’s not exactly a vacation because you will still be working, but it does offer you a change of scenery, a break from your routine, and a chance to relax away from home when you’re not working. Most importantly, a workcation offers you a chance to physically get away, without neglecting any of responsibilities at work.

In a nutshell HR Technologist sums it up pretty well:

"A workation is a vacation that allows you to work remotely while integrating elements of leisure that let you unwind, relax and be more productive."

In fact, if you’ve been working from home for several months, a workcation might be the best way to tap into your creativity and give yourself a breather. Or, as many people tell us, a workcation is a great way to hit the ‘reset’ button.

This post is all about What is a Workcation


What are the Benefits of a Workcation?

  • Go somewhere you want to visit while still earning money. What if you could fill your tank and go? Where would you go? Given the state-of-the-world, the answer to that question is the starting point for a great workcation! Think of a place you can easily drive to (preferably round trip). By packing up and taking off in the privacy of your car, with just one tank of gas, you’re safeguarding your drive, reducing the chances you’ll need to stop along the way, and setting yourself up for a new experience -- on your own terms.
  • Change your routine/reset yourself. A new destination, lends itself to new experiences, and in turn, a new perspective. This shift in routine can allow you to reduce your daily stressors and provide the necessary mental space to feel differently. And, of course, when we feel differently, we act differently, and we tend to bring different things and different thoughts into our lives.
  • Have someone else prepare your breakfast. Sure, you could make your usual breakfast but you could also have breakfast made and/or delivered to your room. At most bed and breakfasts, and certainly at the Historic Smithton Inn, an amazing breakfast is included at no additional charge! Call ahead and see if the video conferencing menu is available and chomp on your mess-free meal in front of your colleagues on your next Zoom meeting; making your work friends jealous, is just an added perk.
  • Save your vacation days and work while you play. Running low on vacation days? Now you can have your vacation and save your days too! A workcation allows you to save your precious paid days off, while still reaping the benefits of time away.
  • Out of vacation days? No problem! If you’re already out of vacation days, a workcation affords you the opportunity to change your surroundings and enjoy time away from the daily grind, while still being present for video chats, work calls, and timely emails.
  • No need to catch up upon return. Since you’re still working during your workcation, you won’t be buried under a mountain of emails when you return. Your first day “back” won’t be quite as overwhelming. It will just be another day in your home office.

What is a Workcation?, Historic Smithton Inn

Why have Your Workcation at the Historic Smithton Inn, a Lancaster PA Bed and Breakfast?

  • Our bed and breakfast near Lancaster PA is an easy drive from Philadelphia (1-hour); Baltimore, Maryland (1.5-hours); and New York City (less than 3-hours)
  • Enjoy the best of both worlds. The Historic Smithton Inn offers an immersive high-tech experience set amid 18th Century charm. The Ephrata PA Bed and Breakfast offers fast and reliable wireless internet throughout the property, streaming-enabled in-room Smart-TVs, and a Tesla electric vehicle charging station. All this in addition to working fireplaces, colonial architecture, handcrafted furniture, locally-sourced foods and decorative touches.
  • Plenty of indoor and outdoor spaces where you may work. While some guests choose to work in the privacy of their rooms, others ask to sit at the wine bar, or take their laptops to the firepit, rocking chairs, or the gardens.
  • Option for “Video Conferencing Menu” and flexible breakfast times so you can have an easy-to-eat meal during Zoom meetings and other video conferencing calls. Additionally, all meals are made using locally-sourced ingredients to provide an authentic Lancaster County PA experience to guests seeking the best of Amish country.
  • On-site wine bar for a self-designed happy hour (why wait for 5 o’clock?). Once you’re at the Lancaster Pennsylvania Bed and Breakfast, you can stay here and still enjoy happy hour without leaving the property. Our onsite wine bar, Weathered Vineyards Ephrata, is available Friday through Sunday, and by appointment on most other days. We offer more than 10 varieties of wine, ranging from sweet to dry. We also have a Slushy Machine and can make delicious frozen wine and craft beers, craft soda and mixed drinks made with craft spirits from local distillers.
  • Location, location, location! The Historic Smithton Inn is in the heart of Lancaster County PA. The Lancaster Bed and Breakfast is an ideal location to explore hiking trails, biking routes, and working farms, as well as your favorite boutique shops, restaurants and craft breweries in Historic downtown Ephrata, just a mile up the road.


Wondering how to turn your workcation into a full-fledged vacation, without using your vacation days?

  • If you’re considering (or open to the idea) of turning your workcation into a genuine vacation, come early in the week and stay into the weekend! If you come to the inn during the week and decide you want even more time to explore the area or soak in your private hot tub, let us know! We’ll check our availability right away and do our best to extend your stay.
  • If you come mid-week and stay into the weekend, that’s a great way to maximize your trip. Since you’re already here, you won’t lose any time on your commute, you can start your weekend festivities as early as you’d like – on a full belly and very restful night’s sleep; unless, of course, you stayed up all night working your way through a Netflix series on our gigantic, streaming, smart TVs.



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