Lancaster County’s Best Kept Secrets Tour

March 24, 2010

Are you the kind of person who who’s not just a shopper, you’re more of a “treasure hunter”? Do you seek out unique shops filled with hidden gems, and return home not just with excellent “stuff”, but great stories too? If this describes you, then you should definitely plan to come to Lancaster County this April for the Best Kept Secrets Tour.

The tour runs from April 2nd – 24th, 2010.

A collection of off-the-beaten-path businesses have joined together to create a shopping adventure that also raises money for a good cause. Participants travel from location to location, enjoying free special events at each. You can visit the participating shops at your leisure – so you can choose to cram all you can in a single day, or instead, savor the experience over the entire 22 day event.

Tour bags go on sale Feb 9th for $6 each. $1 per bag is donated to Healing Journey. You can Call Melissa at Carson’s in the Cornfields at 717-354-7343 and reserve your ticket.  OR, let the staff at the Smithton Inn know you'd like to do the tour, and we can arrange to have the bags ready for you!