Cloister Cell Phone Tours

June 12, 2010

The Ephrata Cloister made front page news in Lancaster yesterday with the news that visitors can now use their cell phones to learn more about the site.  Throughout the Pennyslvania State Museum, there are 28 signs that read "Dial and Discover".  Visitors dial the number to learn more.  There's even a feature that allows visitors to record your own feedback messages.

Talk about "old meets new"!!  So for folks who don't feel comfortable taking a guided tour, who are short on time or simply prefer exploring on their own, the cloister now has an educational experience that's suited to you.  For the traditionalists out there who want the guided tour, it's still there for you... staffed by amazing staff members and volunteers who have an amazing weath of information they can share with you.

Cloister Cell Phone Tours, Historic Smithton Inn The Cloister is just a quarter mile from the Historic Smithton Inn, and the man who built the Smithton, Henry Miller was acually a Householder of the Cloister and is buried in Gods Acre.  I have to think that he'd be happy with the good work that continues to live on in the place that meant so much to him duing his life, and where he's laid to rest.

Click here to read the full article in the Lancaster Intelligencer Journal.  To learn more about the Ephrata Cloister, visit: