Handcrafted in Lancaster PA

October 28, 2015

One of Lancaster County’s
best-known treasures is its plethora of skilled furniture makers.
If you appreciate fine
craftsmanship, I recommend that you visit a few of our area’s stores that
feature locally made handcrafted wood furniture. The artistry and skill
demonstrated in their creations is breathtaking.

Here are a few of my favorite
Lancaster County handcrafted furniture shops:

Martin’s Chair, Inc.
As evident by the Historic Smithton Inn’s dining
room tables and four chairs, Martin’s Chair creates high-quality reproductions
of furniture any colonial history buff will love. We’re even friends with the
owner, John Martin, who happens to be our neighbor. You haven’t seen vintage
furniture until you’ve visited Martin’s Chair of New Holland.
Sensenig Furniture
Visit Sensenig Furniture in
Hinkletown. It’s less than 15 minutes from the Historic Smithton Inn and an
easy stop on your way to Martin’s Chair. Sensenig’s offers a family-run
furniture store experience that will make you feel right at home. You’ll find
an array of furniture pieces in a variety of styles and colors. Go to Yelp to read more reasons to stop in.
Fisher’s Quality Furniture
Fisher’s Quality Furniture in Ronks, PA, is an Amish furniture store filled with
custom-made pieces. Purchase an original set from the beautifully lit showroom
floor or bring in an image you’d like them to replicate for your own
customized piece.
George’s Furniture
This second-generation
family-owned business in Marietta sells all handcrafted furniture. Each piece
is signed by its maker to exhibit the hard work and dedication each crafter
invests in his pieces. To get an even better grasp on what makes George’s
Furniture worth a visit, check out their website.
Morton Fine Furniture, Inc.
Located in Lititz, Morton’s offers high-end, heirloom quality furniture. These
handcrafted pieces are perfect to hand down from generation to generation,
making Morton’s another great destination on your journey to find fine
Cherry Acres
Cherry Acres
is a shop in Lititz you won’t want to pass up. It’s got all sorts of impressive
pieces, from furniture crafted from old barn wood to ironwork and lighting.
It’s a great stop whether you’re looking to furnish or remodel a room in your
home or just want to browse.
I hope you’ll take an
opportunity to visit at least a few of these stores to see the characteristic charm
of Lancaster County handcrafted furniture. And don’t forget to book your stay
at the Historic Smithton Inn, where you can experience the uncompromising quality
of the workmanship firsthand!


By Rebecca Gallagher