Visit Hershey’s Chocolate World

November 21, 2020

Indulge your sweet tooth with a trip to Hershey’s Chocolate World in PA. At this delicious attraction, you will have the chance to see the many wonders of chocolate in the middle of Chocolatetown, USA! Treat yourself to an adventure to Hershey’s Chocolate World in PA during your stay at Historic Smithton Inn. You will get to go on a chocolate factory tour, create your own candy bar, enjoy a chocolate tasting experience, and much more!

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Visit Hershey’s Chocolate World in PA

Take the Hershey’s Chocolate Tour

When you visit Hershey’s Chocolate World, you will be given a free tour through the factory. This immersive journey will allow you to see, feel, hear, and smell the transformation of cocoa beans to Hershey’s chocolate. You will also receive a free sample after watching the delicious process take place right before your eyes. Features of the tour include technological effects to convey the history of chocolate, animated barnyard cows, and a catchy theme song. You can also immerse yourself in the cocoa farms and dairy farms that create this sweet concoction.

Create Your Own Candy Bar

Get a ticket to create your own candy bar in the Hershey’s factory! This once in a lifetime experience allows you to engage in the authentic factory experience. You will create your candy bar from start to finish and then get to savor your very own creation!

Enjoy the 4D Chocolate Mystery

Take your chocolate factory experience to whole new dimension with the 4D Chocolate Mystery! This will put you inside all the fun with interactive digital animation and special effects. You will help solve the mystery, going down one of 100 possible variations to the ultimate conclusion! You will never see the same show twice, so buy a few tickets if you’re looking for a different ending!

Savor the Chocolate Tasting Experience

What good is chocolate if you can’t eat it? That factory tour will surely make you hungry for some delicious Hershey’s treats. Get a ticket for the exclusive chocolate tasting experience. You will engage all your senses to taste some incredible flavors, from milk to dark chocolate and varieties in between!

Hop On the Hershey Trolley

All aboard the chocolate trolley! This historic form of transportation will show you the park in a new light. Enjoy the bubbling sights and sounds as you whiz past! Punch your ticket for a variety of themed trolleys. These include the Trick or Treat Trolley during Halloween, Holly Jolly Trolley during Christmas, and Sweet Lights Trolley around the holiday season as well!

Other Savory Opportunities

While visiting Hershey’s Chocolate World in PA, you can also enjoy the many other aspects that make this park so great. These include The Bakery, some divine shopping, a tasty food court, and the Hershey’s Photo Studio. Say “chocolate!”

While You're In the Area

There are also some other non-Hershey World attractions that you might want to check out while you're in the area.  These are our favorite places to explore after we've visited Hershey Chocolate World:

  • AACA Museum (Antique Car, Bus & Motorbikes):  Located just a stone's throw away from Hershey Chocolate World, the AACA Museum is dedicated to the preservation and presentation of motor vehicle history in a way that delivers both education and entertainment for visitors.  Their goal is to deliver a world-class automotive experience through innovative and interactive exhibits that appeal to all ages.
  • Troegs Brewery:  Take a tour, sample some craft beers and eat delicious food either indoors or out!!  Whether you want to learn more about how Troegs produces their award-winning beers or you just want to hang out and relax in an inviting brewing facility, this is the place to be!  They even have an on-site shop where you can buy some cute swag & gifts to bring home with you.
  • The Vineyard at Hershey:  Set on a 40-acre historical farm with gorgeous views and a scenic natural spring pond, the Vineyard at Hershey crafts world-class wines (and beer too!) for guests to enjoy.  The winery owners are dedicated to producing wines that will appeal to both new and the most experienced palates.  Their philosopy is, "The best wines are created with a passionate attention to detail and by growing grapes and producing wine in limited quantities.".

Stay at Historic Smithton Inn

During your adventure to Hershey’s Chocolate World in PA, make Historic Smithton your bed and breakfast home. We even have a chocolate-themed room that will be sure to blend well with your Chocolatetown experience! Book your stay today!

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