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December 6, 2022

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11 Things to Know about Hinkletown Sewing

If you think of the BEST car, you think Rolls Royce.  The best watch: a Rolex.  For the Rolls Royce of sewing machines, you buy a Bernina and for serious sewers on the east coast, the best Bernina dealer HANDS DOWN is Hinkletown Sewing.

Hinkletown Sewing is famous among the sewing-crowd in the Northeast.  This is pretty amazing considering they are thriving in an internet connected world, without having a single computer or website to promote or run the business!  They have been in business for over 60 years and their sterling reputation translates into word-of-mouth recommendations and customer loyalty that would be the envy of any business. 

Basically, a trip to the Hinkletown Sewing Shop is akin to a pilgrimage. 

If you’re wondering what Hinkletown Sewing is all about, we’re here to help sum it up for you!


This Blog is All About Hinkletown Sewing

1 - Hinkletown Sewing Machine Shop Address & Directions

  • Mailbox
    Source: Historic Smithton Inn

    232 Wanner Rd, Ephrata, PA | No Website

  • (717) 354-0204
  • Just 5 miles from the Historic Smithton Inn B&B


2 - Hinkletown Sewing Hours

  • Sunday: Closed
  • Monday: 8:00 am – 8:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 8:00 am – 8:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 8:00 am – 8:00 pm
  • Thursday: 8:00 am – 8:00 pm
  • Friday: 8:00 am – 8:00 pm
  • Saturday: 8:00 am – 4:00 pm

3 - History of Hinkletown Sewing

Old Bernina Machine
Source: Bernina

  • Ezra Zimmerman founded the Hinkletown Sewing Machine Shop in the 1950s selling Singer Sewing Machines. They moved to their current location on a 43 acre farm in 1966 and began selling Bernina Sewing Machines.
  • The business was passed down to Ezra’s son Ervin and his wife, Elle Mae.
  • Hinkletown Sewing was the Winner of “Best Sewing Machine Shop in Lancaster PA” in 2018
  • They believe that 80% of their business comes from a 50-mile radius of Ephrata
  • Their only advertising is in Amish / Mennonite publications.

4 - Who Owns Hinkletown Sewing?

Source: Historic Smithton Inn

  • Ervin & Elle Mae Zimmerman are the owners of Hinkletown Sewing. The business is a true family affair, with all the children and grandchildren involved in selling, repairing & teaching.
  • Ervin loves people and pleasing them. He’s a savant at servicing machines & can repair any & all brands.
  • Ervin is very engaging with customers! Everyone walking in the door is greeted immediately and is able to get whatever degree of attention the need / want.  Feel free to browse… but if you have questions the staff is close by, just ask away!
  • Ervin connects with and remembers customers. For example, we had fun talking about a pair of young ladies who blogged about their experience buying and then upgrading their Bernina machines.  I knew about their story because they blogged about it.. but it was clear that Ervin remembered the pair as if they were there yesterday!
  • On top of running one of the top Sewing Machine Shops in the world, the Zimmerman family also operates a small dairy farm and grows corn & alfalfa… plus they raise some goats and chickens too!

5 - What Hinkletown Sewing is Known For

sewing machine
Source: Historic Smithton Inn

  • Hinkletown Sewing is one of the top Bernina dealers in the country. They offer BERNINA sewing machines, software, and accessories, and also provides a variety of sewing, embroidery and quilting classes for people of all skill levels.
    • About BERNINA

Founded in Switzerland more than 100 years ago, BERNINA is the world’s premier manufacturer with a proven reputation for offering quality state-of-the-art sewing, quilting and embroidery machines, overlockers, and embroidery software. BERNINA’s leadership is marked by an impressive number of ambassadors, industry leaders, influencers and bloggers who chose to partner with the company. BERNINA products are sold in the United States through a network of over 400 fully trained independent dealerships that also offer support and education. Select BERNINA and bernette machines, and BERNINA software can also be purchased online. BERNINA products are designed for beginning to advanced sewists and priced to meet a variety of budgets, with new products being introduced every year.


6 - Hinkletown Sewing Can Service Your Sewing Machine

sewing machine repair
Source: Bernina

No matter what your machine type, Hinkletown Sewing repairs it.  When I was there last, a woman was picking up her Bernina that she’d purchased 40 years earlier.  I was intrigued by the fact that a business that’s completely “analog” has a team of Old Order Mennonite family & staff working on repairing advanced sewing machines with complex computers & circuitry inside.  They explained how none of that matters, that today’s machines are fundamentally the same as in days gone by.  Hard to imagine, but I suppose that’s why they’re so good at what they do!


7 - Training Classes Offered at Hinkletown Sewing

Hinkletown Sewing, Historic Smithton Inn
Source: Historic Smithton Inn

The Hinkletown Seweing Shop offers a number of classes to teach you the basics of using your new sewing machine, all the way up to expert skills and techniques.  

Typically when you buy your machine you sign up for the class(es) you're interested in.  Classes are specific to current Bernina Models.  Some machines may have one class connected to it, other more complicated / advanced machines could have three classes available.

Class sizes hold from 10 - 18 students, often determined by the size of the machines.

In addition to their own on-site classes, Hinkletown Sewing has a relationship with The Olde Country Store, located just 9 miles away.  Hinkletown Sewing supplies the machines used to teach classes at the Olde Country Store.  Class sizes here are limited to twelve.  There are a variety of techniques classes, software classes, kids classes and even private options to choose from.


8 - The Sewing Machine Shop in Hinkletown offers the BEST pricing, hands down!

Hinkletown Sewing, Historic Smithton Inn
Source: Historic Smithton Inn

One of our B&B guests was in town to buy a new Bernina.  She found the exact same model in a different shop maybe an hour from Lancaster.  On sale, that shop’s machine was $500 more than the every-day price at Hinkletown Sewing!

  • Friendly Warning: This same guest laughingly warns that Ervin is a master at ‘upselling’.  You may have THOUGHT you were only going into the Hinkletown Sewing Shop to look around or have your current machine repaired, but odds are you’ll be walking out with an upgrade & then some!!  And you’ll keep coming back every few years for more of the same… he’s just that good!


9 - Hinkletown Sewing Sells Supplies & Accessories Too:

Hinkletown Sewing, Historic Smithton Inn
Source: Historic Smithton Inn

Shopping at Hinkletown Sewing involves more than excellent machines.  They sell related gear, furniture, accessories and more, including:

  • Books
  • Patterns
  • Thread
  • Lighting
  • Stands


10 - Things to do Near Hinkletown Sewing:

Amish Country, PA attractions
Amish Farmlands

When you drop off your sewing machine to be serviced, you can explore the area for maybe 3 hours or so while they work on your machine.  Or maybe you’ve planned a weekend getaway around your pilgrimage to the Hinkletown Sewing Shop.  Either way, here are some recommendations for you to explore close by Hinkletown Sewing:

Places to Eat Nearby

  • Dutch Country Soft Pretzels | 2758-1 Division Hwy, New Holland | Website
  • La Boramex Mexican Restaurant | 1623 Division Hwy, Ephrata | Website
  • Shady Maple Smorgasbord | 129 Toddy Dr, East Earl | Website
  • Gracie’s on West Main | 264 W Main St, Leola | Website
  • Fox Meadow Creamery (Leola) | 193 E Main St, Leola | Website
  • Lickety Split | 209 E Main St, New Holland | Website

Unique Shops in the Area:

  • Cornfields Antiques & Vintage | 245 Gristmill Rd, New Holland | Website
  • Sensenig’s Furniture | 524 E Farmersville Rd, New Holland | No Website
  • Village Farm Market | 1520 Division Hwy, Ephrata | Website
  • Bowman’s Stove & Patio | 1060 Division Hwy, Ephrata | Website
  • Hoover’s Old Wood Furniture & Crafts | 581 Reidenbach Rd, New Holland | No Website
  • Shady Maple Gift Shop | 129 Toddy Dr, East Earl | Website

Sewing Related Shops:

  • Martin’s Sewing Center | 1121 Main St, East Earl | Website
  • Zinck’s Fabric Outlet | 1564 Main St STE 500, East Earl | Website
  • Good’s Store | 1127 S State St, Ephrata | Website
  • Zook's Fabric Store | 3535 Old Philadelphia Pike, Intercourse | Website
  • Weaver's Dry Goods | 108 W Brubaker Valley Rd, Lititz | Website

Covered Bridges nearby:

  • Historic Pool Forge | 131 South Pool Forge Road, Narvon
  • Bitzer's Mill Covered Bridge | 40°08'25.8"N 76°09'07.2"W


11 - Spend the Night at the Historic Smithton Inn

Front view of bed and breakfast at dusk Less than a five mile drive west from Hinkletown Sewing, along PA322, you’ll find the Historic Smithton Inn Bed and Breakfast.  The Smithton Inn is the perfect place to stay when you’re visiting Hinkletown Sewing with just two turns from the B&B to your destination.  At the Smithton Inn you’ll be close to shops, restaurants, places to walk and more.  Guests at the Smithton Inn experience modern amenities and comforts, set in a charming, historic Inn that’s been recognized as one of the top B&Bs in the country. 

innkeeper at door Choose from one of 9 spacious guest rooms or suites, all with their own private bathroom and working fireplace.  The linens, towels, toiletries and WiFi  are all top of the line.

In the morning, the Innkeeper treats guests to a homemade breakfast that might just be the highlight of your trip. (apart from your visit to Hinkletown Sewing that is!)

Book Your Room today – the lowest rates can be found by booking in advance.


This Blog is All About Hinkletown Sewing

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