Lancaster Market Days

August 30, 2011

One of the great things about Lancaster County is all the fresh produce, which is especially available at this time of year.  If you're coming into town, a great way to see the area, meet the locals and eat some great food (both prepared at market, or fresh to bring home) is by strolling through one of our local farmers markets, or driving the backroads and stoping at a roadside stand.  Hopefully this will provide you with some tips to help plan your fresh-food journey through the county!

There are a number of "Market Days" in communities throughout Lancaster County.  Depending on the day of the week, there's a market you can check out:
  • Monday:  No local markets open, try one of the independent markets instead.
  • Tuesday:  Roots, Central Market
  • Wednesday:  Bird-in-Hand
  • Thursday: Bird-in-Hand, Columbia Market
  • Friday:  Green Dragon, Central Market, Bird-in-Hand, Columbia Market
  • Saturday:  Central Market, Bird-in-Hand, Lititz, New Holland
  • Sunday:  All closed, shop the Antique Markets in Adamstown instead!

Central Market
23 North Market Street, Lancaster

Roots Market
705 Graystone Road, Manheim

2710 Old Philadelphia Pike, Bird in Hand

Columbia Farmers Market
308 Locust Street, Columbia

Green Dragon Market
955 North State Street, Ephrata

Lititz Farmers Market
7 South Broad Street, Lititz

New Holland Farmers Market
753 Walnut Street, New Holland

Additionally, there are some fantastic independent farm markets where individual farmers sell their own produce, flowers, meats or canned goods.  Some are relatively small, or in the case of Shady Maple, it started out as a small farm stand and is now a cross between a farm market & major grocery store!  The upside of these locations is that they're open every day of the week, except Sunday.  These are the markets we shop from the most:

Reiff's Farm Market
2902 Rothsville Road, Ephrata

Hoover's Farm Market
30 Erb's Bridge Rd, Lititz

Ever Green Acres Produce
745 North Reading Road, Ephrata

Village Farm Market
1520 Division Highway, Ephrata

Shady Maple Market
1324 Main Street, East Earl

And finally there are the really small, roadside stands, which you'll see as you drive the backroads throughout the county.  Many of these have an honor system for purchasing produce... just pick the items you want and put you money in the box!  Only in Lancaster County!!!!  There are too many of these stands to list, and the joy is that you can drive throughout the county and just stop when the mood moves you, you're likely to find the best tasting, freshest [ ______ ] you've had in recent memory!!