3 Great Lancaster History Museums

February 9, 2018


This post is all about 3 Great Lancaster History Museums!

Virtue, liberty, and independence. These are the values the state of Pennsylvania was built upon. It has seen the birth of America and its development, and has kept our country’s heritage alive for new generations. Today, Lancaster, PA, has a rich and diverse history. This authentic town is a great place to learn about the past and even live it out! Visit interactive and educational museums, catch a glimpse of what life was like for the first settlers, and gain a better understanding of America’s roots. Explore Lancaster, PA, history like never before and have a pleasant stay at the Historic Smithton Inn!

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Discover 3 Great Lancaster History Museums

Lancaster, PA, history goes back to 1709, when German immigrants (now known as the Pennsylvania Dutch) settled in the area. The colonial town was established in 1730 and became a classic Victorian city. Shaped by over 250 years of history that’s reflected in its collection of historic architecture and rich culture, Lancaster is a unique and distinctive city that is worth your visit!

Here are three museums you can explore during your stay at the Historic Smithton Inn. Each will help you navigate Lancaster, PA, history and make your stay as enjoyable as educational.

Lancaster County’s Historical Society

Lancaster County’s Historical Society is a perfect place to start your journey through time. Take a guided tour of Wheatland, the home of 15th U.S. President James Buchanan, and visit the exhibition and galleries. Learn about the formation of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, the struggles immigrants had to face, slavery, and many more important topics. Get to know Lancaster better with a 300-year retrospective, from the stories of Conestoga Indians to the Underground Railroad project.

You can also search for your own ancestors ar the Research Library, where more than two million documents, manuscripts, and books are at your disposal! Then, take a stroll through the Louise Arnold Tanger Arboretum and Dwarf Conifer Garden. Don’t forget to stop a the museum store on your way out and bring a little souvenir home with you!

The Landis Valley Museum

The Landis Valley Museum is an absolute must-see! History lovers will adore this lively museum where the past comes alive right before your eyes. Created in 1925 by the Landis brothers, the facility recreates a typical 19th-century German village in honor of the communities that settled in this region. Discover the mid-1800’s way of life with more than 100 acres of historic buildings, farmland, and authentic tour experiences. The Landis Valley Museum even offers demonstrations (quilting, cooking, and manufacturing) with fully dressed guides as well as a beautiful horse-drawn wagon ride.

The Demuth Museum

The Demuth House is an art museum that displays the paintings of modernist Charles Demuth (1883-1935). Get an intimate perspective on his life and work in what used to be his home and let it reveal a different side of Lancaster, PA, history. More than 42 original paintings are displayed, and you can also take a tour of his studio. Discover where he created more than 1,000 watercolors and drawings and take a walk in the gardens that inspired him.


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