Lititz Springs Park

April 27, 2016

Lititz Springs Park Lititz Springs Park was maintained for over 200 years by the Lititz Moravian Church until the park grounds upkeep was shared with the community in 1956. The park has become an epicenter for local arts shows, craft displays, music festivals, and other fun events throughout the year, and its beautiful grounds and springs offer a great playground for kids and adults alike. Whether you just need some time in nature or you’re looking for a place to celebrate upcoming Fourth of July festivities, Lititz Springs Park is a true gem in Pennsylvania.

1. Lititz Springs Park Welcome Center

The Welcome Center at Lititz Springs Park not only serves as an informative hub but also a mini-museum. There is a restored Reading Railroad caboose onsite, manned by a knowledgeable docent, and plaques that chronicle the park’s history. You should begin at this point to gather the necessary information before spending a day in the park!

2. Playground

If you’re looking for a place to take the kids during vacation, go to Lititz Springs Park. This small-town park has beautiful, calming views for you and activities that the kids will enjoy as well. The playground has a train to climb on as well as swings and other classic playground equipment. You can set out a picnic on the lawn, while the kids enjoy the monkey bars!

3. Natural Spring

Lititz Springs Park has its name from the natural spring that runs throughout. Be sure to walk all the way to the end of the park to see a plaque at the spring and the magnificent lion. Then, walk up the adjacent steps for a spectacular view of the park as well as the location of the old Boy Scout cabin that was built in 1927. Once you descend, be sure to purchase some animal food for a quarter and feel the ducks!

4. Movies in the Park

During the summer, Lititz Springs Park offers outdoor movie showings. These family-friendly events call for locals and visitors alike to curl up on the grass, on a picnic blanket, or in lawn chairs as the sun sets. Bring your own snacks or a frisbee to throw before the feature film is debuted. Then, once the sun sinks and the stars come out, a chosen movie begins for the gathered group to enjoy.

5. Music Festivals

Lititz Springs Park hosts a bevy of wonderful events throughout the year. While the craft shows are always in high demand, the music festivals are a sure favorite. An amphitheater is a central feature of the park, and local bands will gather to play tunes. When the weather is nice, you can spend a whole afternoon or evening listening to great music while you relax with your friends and family.

6. Wilbur Chocolate Store

One great feature of the Lititz Spring Park is its ideal location. The park is situated right next door to the Wilbur Chocolate Store, which is a wonderful place to spend some time on a nice, sunny day. Indulge in some delicious sweet treats. You deserve them!

7. Fourth of July Fireworks

If you’re planning on staying at the Historic Smithton Inn for the Fourth of July, then the place to go for a grand celebration is Lititz Springs Park. Known for having the best fireworks display in all of Lancaster County, Lititz Springs Park is the perfect place to camp out and watch the night sky while surrounding by a crowd of friendly locals and visitors alike. This year is extra special, because it will mark the 200th Fourth of July in Lititz Springs Park!

Stay at Historic Smithton Inn

After spending the day in Lititz Springs Park, either with the kids, for live music, or to join in the festivities, come back to Historic Smithton Inn for a peaceful night’s sleep in beautiful Amish Country. Just 18 minutes away from the park, Historic Smithton Inn offers lovely lodging, friendly innkeepers, and a homemade breakfast that is worth the stay right there! For more information on attractions in the area, download our free vacation guide!