Visit Pennsylvania Amish Country

February 29, 2016

Horse and Buggy Ride Through Amish Country There is a certain beauty about Pennsylvania Amish Country unlike any other area. From rolling hills and fields to the historic settlements and lifestyle of the Amish people, the land and what it holds are cherished by visitors and locals alike. Not only are the outdoor scenes peaceful, but there is something about seeing a horse and buggy rumble down a dirt road that takes you back in time and slows down the pace. The Historic Smithton Inn is located in Lancaster County, America’s oldest Amish settlement, as a modern fixture in an antiquated land and culture worth exploring. So, take a deep breath and enjoy this local guide to the reasons you need to visit Pennsylvania Amish Country.

Top 3 Reasons to Visit Pennsylvania Amish Country

  1. Scenic Tours

Whether exploring the area via a Pennsylvania Amish Country driving tour or a carriage tour with Abe’s Buggy Rides, the sights of the lush land itself are to be marveled. Guided tour opportunities will make your Lancaster County experience more adventurous with an up-close-and-personal view of Pennsylvania Amish country. With a real Amish horse and buggy experience, you get an added sense of authenticity. Stops include an Amish home or Mennonite craft store and bake shop, all waiting to share a history and culture that is still strong today. On your journey, you will pass over old covered railroad bridges, past Amish farms, by Amish buildings dating back to the 1700s, and through countryside.

  1. Amish Culture

The Amish culture is a highlight of Pennsylvania’s history and present. With a family focus, a strong religious background, and a characteristic lifestyle that is electricity and technology-free, the Amish are strongly rooted in their beliefs and core values. Your trip to Lancaster Country would simply not being complete without discovering more about this unique Pennsylvania Amish culture and witnessing it in action.

This opportunity is available through places like Amish Farm & House, which offers an respectful view into an Amish house, one-room school, and the daily lives of local artisans. The Lil’ Country Store and Miniature Horse Farm is a great destination for the kids, with miniature horse rides as well as handmade Amish crafts available. You can also get homemade Amish canned and baked goods, such asjams and jellies, pickles and relishes, and root beer and lemonde, which leads us into our next reason to visit Pennsylvania Amish Country...

  1. Amish Food

Another wonderful reason to travel to Pennsylvania Amish Country is the delicious food. The Pennsylvania Dutch diet includes homemade and fresh-from-the-garden or fresh-from-the-farm delicacies. From shoofly pie made from dried apples to chicken corn soup and butter noodles, these foods are scrumptious and filling. There are country stores that boast these hand-prepared vittles, often jarred or bottled, while recipes are available for personal use. Local restaurants like Good ‘N Plenty also offer Amish Country fare. Fried chicken, meatloaf, roast turkey, beef stew, and pork and kraut are just a few main meats offered, while lima beans, beets, or stewed tomatoes serve as side dishes.

After Your Day of Exploration

For a Pennsylvania Amish Country bed and breakfast, the Historic Smithton Inn is a wonderful choice. With delicious gourmet breakfasts before your day of exploration, you will remain energized. Then, after your travels through Pennsylvania Amish Country, you can come back and relax in one of eight quaint yet luxurious guest rooms, snuggling up in our pillow-top beds in provided spa-quality robes.