September Farm in Honey Brook

July 29, 2013

"Buy local" has become a mantra of sorts for folks here in central Pennsylvania - especially when it comes to shopping for food. Really, that's not all too surprising. Our area has AMAZING local fare from farmers'

September Farm in Honey Brook, Historic Smithton Inn
Image from the September Farm Cheese Facebook Page

markets to restaurants to specialty stores. In Lancaster County, you'll find the freshest produce, hearty comfort foods, mouth-watering baked goods...and artisan-style cheese.

And who doesn't LOVE really great cheese?

Not even a half hour away from The Historic Smithton Inn awaits September Farm Cheese in Honey Brook. A family farm with a herd of over 50 Holsteins, September Farm makes a variety of cheeses from hormone-free milk and other all natural ingredients. With cheese-making and dairy farming spanning four generations, the Rotelle family, who owns and operates September Farm Cheese, obviously takes the art of traditional cheese-making seriously.

That dedication and expertise absolutely shines through in their national award-winning cheeses! Mild Cheddar, Smoked CheddarChili Pepper CheddarGarlic & Basil JackPepperoni Augusto JackApple Cinnamon CheddarSalsa Jack, Muenster, SwissAmish Butter, Greek Yogurt, and more.

You'll find a delightfully dizzying selection of both familiar and unique cheeses at the September Farm Cheese Country Store at 5287 Horseshoe Pike in Honey Brook. In their store, you can sample their cheeses and see them practice the fine craft of cheese-making. Plus, you can enjoy a leisurely lunch at their sandwich shop and browse and buy all sorts of other local favorite foods and cheese accompaniments.

And as if this isn't enough to get you there, September Farm's new market is a one-stop shop for ALL KINDS of other local foods as well, including smoked meats & sausage, fruit, vegetables, pretzels, crackers, dips, ice cream and MORE!

If you're a cheese-lover or general "foodie" like me, you'll want to make the quick and easy drive to September Farm. I guarantee it will put a smile on your face...say "Cheese!"