B&B Guests Make News

September 27, 2010

Recently we've had a few "newsworthy" guests stay with us at the Smithton Inn Bed and Breakfast.  Both are fun stories we'd like to share.

Our first guests to make the news are Nole and Beverly Graybill.  These guys are the hardest working couple I know, and that's saying a lot since I know some pretty driven folks!  It probably helps that they're working for such a wonderful cause.  They've been visiting Lancaster County to talk to high-end kitchen cabinetry makers, so that the companies will recommend Nole & Beverly's organization, Green Demolitions, to their customers.  Click here to see the story broadcast on WGAL (Lancaster's NBC Affiliate).  This story is terrific because it combines being "green", saving money and helping others, all into one!
Our latest guest in the news is Tom Richards, a guest from Chicago who stayed with us for a week while coming home for his 50th Ephrata High School Class Reunion!

Tom spent his week in Ephrata catching up with old friends and playing a LOT of golf.  In addition to being a proud member of Ephrata's Class of 1960, Tom was a freshman, the one and only year that the Ephrata football team went undefeated.

So as you can see, guests at the Smithton Inn aren't just staying at a bed and breakfast with history... sometimes they're making a bit of it themselves!  I can't guarantee you'll make the news when you come here, but you'll definitely make some wonderful memories.