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Lancaster PA History

Discover Lancaster PA History

Lancaster PA history goes back to 1709, when German immigrants known as the Pennsylvania Dutch settled in the area. Shaped by over 250 years of history and reflected in its amazingly intact collection of historic architecture and rich culture, Lancaster is a unique and distinctive city that is worth your visit! Come and stay at …
Amish Buggy

Buggy Rides Lancaster PA

If you’re searching for an authentic way to tour the Amish countryside during your stay at Historic Smithton Inn, then climb aboard one of these Amish buggy rides in Lancaster PA! During your ride you’ll take in the gorgeous farmland views and be able to see actual Amish homes and businesses. The tour guides are …
Amish Towns in PA

Best Amish Towns in Pennsylvania – Amish Country

When you stay at the Historic Smithton Inn, you will be entering the true heart of Pennsylvania Amish country. Lancaster County features a variety of prominent Amish Towns in PA that are strongly influenced by Amish culture and lifestyle. You’ll encounter peaceful countryside, rolling farmlands, and many small, neighborly villages. And, you might even run …
Horse and Buggy Ride Through Amish Country

Visit Pennsylvania Amish Country

There is a certain beauty about Pennsylvania Amish Country unlike any other area. From rolling hills and fields to the historic settlements and lifestyle of the Amish people, the land and what it holds are cherished by visitors and locals alike. Not only are the outdoor scenes peaceful, but there is something about seeing a …
Field of yellow flowers | 4 days in Lancaster, PA

4 Days in Lancaster PA

Do you want to spend the best four days exploring the Lancaster area? Well, you couldn’t have found a more perfect blog! We’re here to help you map out an excellent stay, and for this, we’ve gathered our favorite things to do. Between outdoor activities, history tours, and antique shopping, one thing is for sure: …
Ice cream cone in the summer at Lapp Valley Farm

Visit Lapp Valley Farm

Pennsylvania is known for its rolling fields, Amish heritage, and incredible, homegrown products. Experience all three during your next visit when you stop at the Lapp Valley Farm! Not only will you be able to see the estate, but you can say hi to the cows and enjoy some of the most delicious, homemade ice …


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