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Neptune Diner

Best Diners in Lancaster PA

Looking to find the very best diners in Lancaster PA? There really is just something genuinely exciting about finding that hidden local hangout, isn’t there? Plus,  great diners are great for a reason – they have great food, great service, and draw great people. They’re the place to go to find the local specialties, get …
Restaurants Open Sign

25 Places to Eat in Lancaster PA on Sunday and Monday

It used to be that Sunday was the only day it was difficult to find a good, non-chain restaurant that was open, but now a days, with staff shortages & the need to give Lancaster PA Restaurant Staff some time off, Mondays have become a challenge too! Here’s a list of 25 Restaurants that are …
The Log Cabin Restaurant

5 Things You Need to Know About the Log Cabin Restaurant

One of the best restaurants in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania is located just a few miles from the Historic Smithton Inn Bed and Breakfast. The Log Cabin restaurant is a historic, lodge-like space that serves elegant American fare. Just five miles north of Lancaster City, The Log Cabin is in the heart of Pennsylvania Dutch country, …
Romantic Restaurant Lancaster PA

17 Most Romantic Restaurants in Lancaster PA

.Visitors to Lancaster County enjoy a diverse community of restaurants.  Many of our guests at the Historic Smithton Inn are in town for a romantic getaway.  We curated a list of the most romantic restaurants in Lancaster PA for them to dine at during their stay with us.  The list is in no particular order.  …
Live music at weathered vineyards epyhrata

The Mash Loop – Lancaster’s Best Wine, Beer & Spirits Tour

Craft wine, beer and spirits tours are super-popular right now, and with good reason!  These small venues offer locally made DELICIOUS adult beverages in unique environments where you can really get a sense of the local area.  Ephrata is special in that we have SIX of these wonderful businesses all within a mile or two …
Lititz restaurants

9 Best Lititz Restaurants

We’ve put together a collection of the 9 Best Lititz Restaurants that you should try while you explore Lancaster County. Amish Country has a lot to offer, especially the irresistible home cooking of Lititz restaurants. Experience the surroundings of Lancaster, PA in a unique way with this selection of the best local places. Get a …


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