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Patty Melt

Best Burgers in Lancaster PA

Where Can You Find the Best Burger Lancaster PA? Everyone loves a good burger… right?! There are so many burger variations, and individual preferences are totally taken into account, which also means that finding the BEST burger is a very personal thing. The list we’ve curated for you includes restaurants making burgers from every type …
Spaghetti and Meatballs

Nonna Rosa Restaurant

7 Reasons to Try Nonna Rosa Restaurant There’s something about Italian food that everyone loves!  No matter what, there’s going to be something on the menu for even the pickiest eaters in the family.  If you’re in the mood for something light, you can order soup, salad, pizza, calzone, Stromboli or a sandwich.  If you …

BBQ Lancaster PA

16 Best BBQ Restaurants in Lancaster Sometimes you’re just in the mood for a delicious, meat-falling-off-the-bone, finger-licking BBQ restaurant in Lancaster!  If that feeling overcomes you, there are some fantastic options across all of Lancaster County.  These Award-Winning BBQ restaurants will have you thinking you took a wrong turn and somehow ended up in one …
Caribbean Dinner

Best Ethnic Restaurants in Lancaster PA

41 Best Ethnic Restaurants in Lancaster PA If you think that Amish Food is the only thing going in Lancaster PA you couldn’t be more wrong!  Lancaster has been dubbed “America’s Refugee Capital” by BBC News.  According to their report, Lancaster has taken in 1,300 refugees since 2013, 20 times more per capita than the …

The 10 Best Italian Restaurants in Lancaster PA

As the owners of the Historic Smithton Inn, a Bed and Breakfast in Lancaster PA, occasionally a guest from New York City would ask us, “Where can we go for some good Italian food?”.  My old response used to be,  “HOME!”.  But that’s no longer the case we have some fantastic Italian restaurants in Amish …
Neptune Diner

Best Diners in Lancaster PA

Looking to find the very best diners in Lancaster PA? There really is just something genuinely exciting about finding that hidden local hangout, isn’t there? Plus,  great diners are great for a reason – they have great food, great service, and draw great people. They’re the place to go to find the local specialties, get …


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