Gracie’s on West Main

March 14, 2023

Gracie’s on West Main is the perfect combination of “unique” and “familiar”.  It’s that place you walk into and feel immediately at home, even though it’s your first visit.  Gracie's is a restaurant with reliably friendly staff and incredibly delicious food.  It’s where local retirees come to meet up and solve the world’s problems.  Where tourists show up because they were lucky enough to discover it.  A place girlfriends converge to encourage each other over a tasty lunch.  Gracie’s on West Main is where families gather after Sunday Mass, business colleagues meet to hash out the deal, and couples drop in for an enjoyable dinner and grandparents bring their grandchildren for some bonding over delicious desserts.

This blog is all about Gracie’s on West Main

1 - Location & Hours

264 West Main Street, Leola | Website
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Gracie’s on West Main is open 7 days a week!

    • Sunday – Monday: 8 am – 2 pm
    • Tuesday – Saturday: 8 am – 8 pm


2 - About Gracie's

Gracie's on West Main
Gracie's on West Main

Gracie’s on West Main Street is a bit local diner, sandwich shop, coffee shop, bakery and restaurant…and you’re getting the BEST of all of them!  I have a tendency to go there for lunch because I’m never free at breakfast time, but their breakfast menu looks so good that I ignore the time of day and order off it no matter what the time.  All you need to know is that I’ve never had a bad meal or a bad experience, so I feel 100% confident sending friends and B&B guests to eat at Gracie’s.


3 - Find Inspiration at Gracie’s on W. Main

chalk art
Source: Gracie's on West Main Facebook

There’s never a bad time to eat at Gracie’s on West Main, but a REALLY good time to eat there is if you’re feeling down, you’re being hard on yourself, or you’re generally feeling uninspired.  Why then?  Because every single wall in this wonderful restaurant is filled with inspirational quotes, motivational sayings, funny witticisms, and charming chalk art.  If you walk into Gracie’s feeling a little low, between the staff, the food and the art, I’m here to tell you, you’ll be leaving feeling just a touch better… probably more than just a touch!


4 - Bacon Lovers Wanted

Gracie’s on West Main, Historic Smithton Inn
Bacon Flight!  Source: Gracie's Facebook Page

You know how people who aren’t really into rides or Disney characters can still totally have a great time at Disney Land?  Gracie’s on West Main is a little like that for bacon lovers.  If you’re not really into bacon there’s still TONS of great things to eat on the menu… plus all the other things that make Gracie’s special are still in play.  But for bacon lovers, HANG ON, because you’ve just entered Disney for Bacon Lovers!  Bacon Just when you think the menu couldn’t possibly have another awesome bacon option to try, you’ll find more. 

And when you’re through absorbing the menu (napkin in hand to catch the drool), check out the Specials Board because there’s even more awesomeness posted there.  There are bacon flights, bacon jam, a wide assortment of TYPES of bacon cooked up in a myriad of creative & tasty ways (ie:  dipped in glazes, smothered in sauces, caramelized, fried... you get the idea).


5 - About the Menu

breakfast sandwich Coffee waffles

There are breakfast, brunch, lunch, full-day, dinner, drinks and dessert menus at Gracie’s on West Main… and every single one of them is freaking wonderful.  They’re inventive dishes without being too ‘over the top’.  It’s like someone said “my favorite thing to eat is _______”, and the chef said, “I’ll see your favorite _____________ and raise you these beyond delicious, upcycled versions of it”!!  Of course the “Gracie’s” version of menu items tends to include… wait for it… BACON! (ie:  Gracie’s Benedict, Gracie’s Grilled Cheese…). 

burger eggs Gracie’s on West Main, Historic Smithton Inn

Every dish is plentiful, full of fresh flavors (some with a bit of zing), and some include something wildly delicious and unexpected.  Like the other day when I ordered the Hamburger Salad... one of the ingredients was house-made dill pickles that were seriously the best pickles I’ve ever eaten! If they start selling those pickles I’m buying ‘em by the case!!

Here’s a link to the full menu to give you the complete picture.

Source: Gracie's on West Main Facebook

The hardest thing to do at Gracie's in Leola is save room dessert.  DO IT!!  Ask your server for a to-go box for your wonderful meal and save a bit of room for the grand finale!  You'll thank me later!


6 - The Owners- Gracie & Jim

Source: Gracie's on West Main Facebook Page

If you’ve read this far you obviously know I love this place and I can’t imagine it would be possible to have this kind of connection with a restaurant and not adore the owners too!  Gracie & Jim have such a great story that includes lots of love.  Love of hard work, innovation, art, beauty, guests, neighbors, food, staff, community and most especially…family!  They’re resilient problem solvers (as good small business owners must be). 

One of my favorite quotes Gracie said at a meeting I attended was, “Never allow your vision get in the way of running your business!”.  Gracie’s on West Main has evolved over the years and not always in ways the owners expected in the beginning, but the result has been pure magic!!  

Gracie and Jim pay attention to all aspects of the business, but they're especially tuned in to what guests want and it shows in all their decisions, from the décor & expansion projects, to staffing & menu items.  Gracie and Jim are the 'secret sauce' that makes this restaurant so special!


7 - Voted “The Best…”

In case you don’t trust me (Seriously?!  You should trust me!!), other people think Gracie’s on West Main is awesome too.  They’ve been voted "the best" in everything from local to national publications!

burger and fries
Source: Gracie's on West Main Facebook | Bacon Burger Grilled Cheese

  • Best Breakfast
  • Best Brunch
  • Best Burger
  • Best Family Restaurant
  • Best Sandwich
  • Best Grilled Cheese 


8 - Growing from humble beginnings…

Gracie's on West Main from 2013

Gracie’s on West Main was founded in 2013 in a cozy 18 seat café with charming exposed brick and wonderful natural light.  Over the years, their gift for creating menu items that are a twist on classic diner fare combined with a welcoming atmosphere filled with beauty and inspiration clearly caught on and the business grew.  They’ve had multiple expansions transforming from a tiny café staffed by Gracie & Jim to a 160 seat full service restaurant with 60+ staff members!

And as if running THIS thriving business wasn’t enough, they went on to open up an entirely new, totally different restaurant in Reading as well!!  If you LOVE Gracie’s on West Main, check out their latest endeavor:  Louie’s Kitchen & Bar!!


9  -12 : Attractions Nearby

If you're looking for something fun to do after you've fortified yourself at Gracie's in Leola, here are a few nearby options to consider:

person smiling with goat
Photo: Rebecca at Misty Creek Goat Dairy - on a Bird-in-Hand Scooter tour!

  • Misty Creek Goat Dairy | 43 W Eby Rd, Leola | Website
  • Abe’s Buggy Rides | 2596 Old Philadelphia Pike, Bird in Hand | Website
  • Lancaster Balloon Rides | 2727 Old Philadelphia Pike, Bird in Hand | Website
  • Bird in Hand Scooter Tours | 2705 Old Philadelphia Pike, Bird in Hand | Website


13 - 16 : Shops & Sights Nearby

If you'd rather do a bit of "retail therapy", sight seeing or dessert, here are some additional places you should check out:

Source: Rebecca Gallagher

  • Fox Meadow Creamery | 93 E Main St, Leola | Website
  • Riehl’s Quilt Shop | 247 E Eby Rd, Leola | Website
  • Julia Swartz Art Gallery | 2 Woodcliff Dr, Leola | Website
  • Hunsecker’s Mill Covered Bridge | 1335 Hunsicker Rd, Lancaster


17 - Stay at the Historic Smithton Inn

Stone B&B Just 8 miles north of Gracie’s on West Main is the quaint town of Ephrata, home of the Historic Smithton Inn Bed and Breakfast.  The Smithton Inn is one of the top rated B&Bs in the county.  It's the perfect place to base yourself for exploring Lancaster County & Amish Country.  Gracie’s is just one of the wonderful restaurants we recommend to our guests!  Plus there’s theater, Amish attractions, museums, wineries, tours and so much more for you to explore.

loveseat Guests choose from one of 9 guest rooms and suites.  Every room has a private ensuite bathrooms, working fireplaces (in-season), luxurious linens & toiletries, screaming fast WiFi and internet-connected TVs.  An extra bonus for Historic Smithton Inn guests is an on-site wine bar with live music and dinner that’s open on weekends.

Colorful breakfast dish In the morning you’ll wake to the smell of a delicious home-cooked breakfast being prepared for you!  Breakfast is served from 8 – 10 am and you’ll be seated at a private table.  You’ll enjoy a plated full breakfast, plus fresh fruit, muffins, juice, coffee etc!

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This blog is all about Gracie's on West Main

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