Here Are All the Things You Can Do in Lancaster, PA, on Sunday

March 29, 2019

group of young adults in a car with overlaying text download our free vacation guideAre you visiting Lancaster this weekend? It can be challenging to find activities that are available on Sundays, especially if you’re unfamiliar with the area. We’re here to make your trip planning easier. In this blog, we’ll tell you our favorite things to do in Lancaster, PA, on Sunday, including hikes through the forests, museum visits, and scenic drives through the countryside. Don’t waste another minute; grab a pen and start taking notes! Be sure to use our free Vacation Guide, too. It offers even more recommendations for weekend activities!

Enjoy the Best of Lancaster, PA, on Sunday


Travel Back in Time at Lancaster’s Top Museums

It’s never easy to plan a Sunday vacation. How can you know for sure that the things you want to see are open, especially in a small town? Luckily, most museums in Lancaster are open to the public on Sunday. Here are some of our favorites! Cornwall Iron Furnace The Cornwall Iron Furnace is a preserved, 19th-Century charcoal ironmaking facility. Learn about Lancaster’s rich history as you experience what life was like 200 years ago. Landis Valley Village and Farm Museum The Landis Valley Museum gives you the chance to discover a living history village and farm inspired by the rural German life of the past centuries. Get ready for a journey into Pennsylvania’s past! The North Museum of Nature and Science The North Museum of Nature and Science was made for nature lovers and scientists. Learn about dinosaurs, fossils, and other wild animals of the region!  

Explore Outdoors

Lancaster features some of the most gorgeous landscapes in Pennsylvania. So, why not take advantage of it? Enjoy your Sunday by going on a lovely hike or walk through the woods. It’s a great way to relax and unwind! Here are three spots we know you’ll love:
  • Lake Grubb Nature Park: This former iron mine makes for a wonderful Sunday stroll. Walk around the lake and try your hand at fishing!
  • Conewago Recreation Trail: Conewago is perfect for bikers. Ride through the stunning forest and enjoy a calm and beautiful afternoon.
  • Nolde State Park: This park is just a 30-minute drive from Historic Smithton Inn and features lush woodlands and lovely streams.

Enjoy a Lovely Sunday Drive Through the Country

After your hike or bike ride, hop back in the car and take a road trip through the countryside! Discover gorgeous back roads, lush fields, rolling farms, and more. You can even set out to see Lancaster’s famous covered bridges! Don’t forget your camera; you’ll definitely need it along the way. Spice up your Sunday drive by switching to Strasburg Scooters! They offer a variety of guided tours that make for an unforgettable experience.
  • Bridges and Brunch
  • Covered Bridges Tour
  • Date Night in Amish Country
  • Ice Cream Experience
  • Sunset Covered Bridge Tour
  • Ultimate Amish Adventure
  • … And many more!

Ready for a Cozy Sunday at the Historic Smithton Inn?

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