The Amish Farm and House

May 11, 2016

Visit the Amish Farm & House in Lancaster PA

Stone farmhouse
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The Amish Farm and House is a historical gem in Lancaster County. This attraction in the heart of Amish Country opened nearly 60 years ago and has accommodated generations of visitors. At this museum, you will receive an educational tour on the life of the Amish back when the farm was in operation in the 1700s and 1800s. 300 years of history and knowledge await! Here are just a few aspects that make The Amish Farm and House a must-see attraction in Lancaster County!

This blog is all about the Amish Farm and House!


When you arrive at the Amish Farm and House, you will be standing on a property that dates back to the days of Pennsylvania's founder, William Penn. In 1715, it was still undeveloped wilderness, but by 1805, construction had begun on the area’s current farmhouse. Though ownership shifted over the next century and a half, the Quakers, Mennonites, and Amish who inhabited the property operated the farm as a quintessential Pennsylvania German farm. They grew traditional, native crops and raised farm animals to maintain a living. When the Amish Farm and House became a tourist attraction in 1955, it was the first tourist Amish attraction in the United States.

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The Farmhouse

Farmhouse Tours are available throughout the day and offer a truly informative insight into the lifestyle of the Old Order Amish. Tours run around 45 minutes and begin hourly. During this tour at the Amish Farm and House, you will get to view the front room, kitchen, and bedrooms and learn how each room functioned in the past. The front room was used to hold church services, with wooden benches arranged in preparation for an Amish service. The kitchen serves as the centerpiece to any Amish home and is thus where the family spends the most time. Then, the bedrooms are simply decorated with colorful quilts the only daring balance to the conservative furniture. Here, you will also get to see some Amish dress and learn why the Amish still wear the same clothing they did 300 years ago. This tour will offer you an insight into a way of living but also into a still continuing culture.

Countryside Bus Tour

Another great way to learn about Amish culture is the countryside bus tour offered by the Amish Farm and House. Knowledgeable tour guides and drivers will take you on the back roads to discover the hidden treasures of Lancaster County. On this tour, you will get to cover more ground as well as learn some local stories. You will also get to see a covered bridge, Amish schoolhouses, buggies, barns, farms, historic homes, and of course, gorgeous farmland. If an Amish roadside stand is up and running, there will be a stop there as well. This 90-minute tour is the perfect combination of relaxation and learning.

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Dinner Tour

The Amish Farm and House also offers a dinner tour for an evening in Amish countryside. Starting at the house property, you will embark on a minibus tour through the back roads, stopping at Amish businesses along the way. There, you will get a chance to buy some Amish homemade goods and interact directly with the Amish. The final destination will be dinner at a locally-owned restaurant with Amish staff. The homemade Pennsylvania Dutch options will make your mouth water as you await a delicious customizable meal. Then, indulged in a whoopie pie on the bus as you return back to the Amish Farm and House.

After Visiting the Amish Farm and House

After a wonderful time exploring Amish countryside and learning about local history and culture, come back to the Historic Smithton Inn in Lancaster County for a charming bed and breakfast experience. For more to do in this lovely area, download our free vacation guide.


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